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26 October 2009

Time to play Ketchup

So this is a blog to say: "Yes, I am alive. I have not forgotten my blog. I will be posting soon"

I have 4 blogs already written and ready to be typed up, I will date them as best as I can remember, since I forgot to put the dates on the paper I wrote them on. The reason I am typing this instead of simply posting the blogs is the fact that it is almost one in the morning and I have school tomorrow. Not that I'm all that tired but I should at least try to sleep.

Tomorrow I have time, after typing up a paper for my Filipino class, Catching up on 3 chapters of Biology, and Doing a chapter section of homework for statistics. I still have my statistics lab and another two chapters of biology but those will be for Tuesday. I also still have to set up a tour with East Bay Collage, call the temp agency to see if any jobs have come in for the week and get my brother to fill up my tank of gas in my car. Oh yea, and polish up my story to enter into a writing contest.

Crazy stuff but it will all be worth it. So tomorrow the four mystery blogs will appear ranging from early September to about a week ago. Maybe a fifth one for this weekend, we'll see.

1 comment:

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

About time! And now I want some french fries after you mentioning ketchup.