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19 February 2010

Men of Worth

I told a number of people, not everyone but anyone I was in contact with for the past week, that I was going to a concert with my grandma tonight. My parents also came. The band is called "Men of Worth", there are two men, one is Scottish and the other Irish. They play Celtic and folk music and have been doing so for the past 25 years.

I recommend them to anyone. My family bought a couple of their Cd's. I would have but I'm trying to be smart with my money and not spend what I really don't have.

If you like Celtic and folk then you will love them. They are funny, traditional and have amazing voices and musical talent. If you don't but like trying new things, they are good to try out.

I saw them at the Benicia Historical Museum. It is a lovely place with an amazing Boy Scouts museum. They have all sorts of things from the beginning of scouts in the area and through history. They have a large collection of manuals, patches and other historical items. Also, there is a beautiful backyard area with a fountain and garden. It was lovely. The concert had a packed house but we were over an hour early so we got the best seats in the house. And, thanks to my Grammy's handicap parking, we also had the best parking space.

I don't know if I can but I'll try on Sunday to borrow the Cd's and post a couple songs here. If not, I will post them on facebook and you will simply have to check there to get a taste of the music.

18 February 2010

It's Just Too Easy (conclusion)

Her chin rested on the knees of her blue jeans.  "I know, but you don't."  A forlorn sound echoed in her voice, lost and sad. 

"How would you know that?" Aaron grumbled as he sat up to lean his back against the wall. He was hungry and there was food sitting right in front of him. It filled the air with salt, yeast and over-greased meat. A smell to bring anyone running and panting for a taste. It was the savory flavor of bad for you food that makes your mouth water. He opened the wrapper and attacked the first burger he grabbed out of the magical bag of delicacies.

"I've been watching you." She immediately held up her hands as he glared at her, "Not in the creepy stalker way. I mean I've followed you for the past couple years that you've been traveling."

"Oh and that's not like a stalker at all." He grumbled through a mouthful of fries.

"It's not when it's for research."

Images of test animals in cages appeared in Aaron's mind. He did not like the sound of that. He was nobody's Guinna pig. Then a new image appeared, one that interested him a lot more. It was a facility out on an island, but not filled with lab coats and crazy scientists. This image made him think of a training grounds. It could be a new experience, but how was he to know that this was real. A slight breeze brushed along the island sand. The image was so vivid it was as if he was already there. Seagulls called from mountain cliffs searching for food for their young. Aaron's bare feet carried him across warm, tropical sand. There was a melody in the air so peaceful, so calming. The sound of children laughing came from somewhere in the trees. This was a place he could stay forever. Someone was roasting a pig, he could smell the delicious pork. There was also the scent of fresh tropical fruits ripe and ready for the picking. "Yes." He said to himself, "This is where I want to be. A safe place where I can find peace at last."

"You ok?" Came a concerned voice from somewhere in the heavens.

Was he ok? He was more than ok, he had never felt better. All of his life, as far back as he could remember, he had been running. There was never a moments peace. At first it had seemed like everything was going to work out. His mother was sweet and understanding. She didn't know why her son was different but she protected him as a mother lion would protect her cub. When the other kids became vicious, she pulled him out of public school. When his father tried to kill him, she took him far away, moving west as far as they could go. The move had not been good for her. She got sick, very sick. He was only 9 at the time and didn't understand what was going on. He knew how to help her and would get whatever medicines he could. Things would simply come to his mind and he would know what she needed. The problem was that he also knew that she was going to die. She only lived a few months after that, and then he was on his own. People don't like when you're different. They can be cruel and distrusting. Aaron learned that the easiest way to deal with people was to avoid them. That worked well for the past two years, until today.

"I can't read your mind. Dude? Guy? Person? I don't know your name. Are you alright?"

Blinking back to reality Aaron smiled for the first time in years. "I'm more then alright. I feel..." What could he say? Great sounded to common. Peaceful wasn't the right word either. There was a whirl of emotions from happy to calm to ecstatic. How could he even begin to describe how he was feeling?

"I know you may already know this but I was wondering if you would like to come with me. I can make sure you never have to run again." She smiled sweetly, "I know it's hard, as I said before, I've been watching you. You are not the only one who is..." she paused, as if unsure of the right word to use, "different. There are others. I had to be sure before I approached you. If you come with me you will never have to run again."

She made so much sense and she was cute too. He didn't even have to think about it, he simply held out his hand in agreement. She smiled and shook his hand.

"I'm glad you're coming willingly." She smiled innocently as he felt a needle puncture his wrist. Immediately he felt the effects of some type of drug, collapsing to the ground. Everything went black, but even in the blackness he could still hear the sounds of music. He could still smell the roasting pig. Paradise. That was what she promised. She had known of his ability. Of course she would have, she'd been tracking him for over 2 years.

When he awoke, he was behind bars in some type of lab. The same lab he had seen the first time, before the beach scene became so overwhelming. There were others, in similar cages. Some were yelling, some crying, but most sat back with a look of deep sadness in their eyes. Those were the ones that knew their fate and accepted it. The light was gone from their eyes. They would never fight even if freed and given the chance. Aaron would not let them break him. He knew this place. Actually, he knew everything. The dream had been compelling but he knew it was fake. Just as he knew that there was a hidden hole connected to his cell. An opening that was so well hidden his captives had never found it. It was a hole that connected to an underground tunnel. A tunnel he could use to escape at anytime. He knew he would escape, without any problems. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew. These things just came to him. They knew that he knew things. What they didn't know was how much he actually knew.


17 February 2010

Not enough time in the day

So death to me. I have excuses though, as to why I can not post the story conclusion today but must post it tomorrow.

I've been having trouble with my breathing.
I was not near a computer at all today.
I have it all finished, it just needs to be typed.
Work is taking more time than I expected.
I went to the Temple with friends.
I had to deposit a check and buy necessities.

Can't think of anything else. Today was wonderful. I saw so many people I knew and got to talk with one of my really good friends. I have been able to help a friend with rides too and from work and I have done pretty well on keeping up with my homework and such. I enjoy my job and other than missing this post, life has been going pretty well so far.

Oh and I decided not to move to Crescent City. It's been my plan for so long, but I'll have to share the details later.

16 February 2010

Tuesday will be different

I had a great post prepared today about how everyone has the light of Christ and that is a particle of faith that we can choose to exercise or ignore, depending on our choices. How God can touch anyone's heart, you don't have to be smart, logical, speak same language, etc. There are no requirements, God can touch anyone and allow them to feel something extraordinary. Not everyone moves at the same spiritual pace and that it is alright. It took Brigham Young 3 years to be baptized. There was so much more. I wanted to share everything that I felt today, but I know it is not possible. Also, as I was preparing what I wanted to write I came to a realization. Spiritual experiences are not something to be published widely at least not in the sense that I am building my blog for. Eventually I am working so that this blog is a story blog and that everyday I post a part of a story. That is a work in progress and I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. So, I have a week to decide what I want this day to be. It can be poetry, movie or book quotes, tales from work or something. I'll have that figured out preferably before next Tuesday.

So I will end this post with a bad joke and a preview of the story I will be starting on Saturday.

"Does _______ (enter least favorite politician here) wear boxers or briefs?" "Depends"

INTO THE DEPTHS (sneak peak)

"Shep?" There was no answer, Jim was starting to get worried. Shep was in charge of everything and Jim hadn't seen him for over an hour. Jim had no idea how far below the surface they had gone. The water pressure had to be high. If anything went wrong they would probably die before they could have the chance to drown. "Shep?" Jim called desperately. Why wouldn't he answer? Could...

"Here. I'm here stupid. Stop your hollerin' and yellin'. It's not like you're dying." There was a pause, then a crash of metal followed by a barely audible curse. "You're not dyin', are ya?" Shep asked quizzically.

15 February 2010


Well this cool fact is courtesy of my astronomy class, I just found this so interesting.

If you lived in Antarctica you would have the opportunity to experience some unique happenings.

One thing is that no matter where you are or where the wind comes from, it will always be blowing from the north.

There is the 200 degree club.  These are people who will hang out in a sauna for a bit, then they will step outside into the cold.  This causes their body to go through a 200˚ difference. To do this they do have to have one very important piece of clothing, and it's not the kind that you're thinking of.  They need a cloth to cover their face so that they do not "frost" their lungs.  I have no idea how these people do not kill themselves doing this but apparently it's a great adrenaline rush.

You would have to eat at least 7,000 calories a day to NOT lose weight.  Need a weight loss program, move to Antarctica for 6 months.

If you go to the geographic south pole on New Years Eve and walk in a circle you can experience the New Year in all time zones.

Those were some interesting facts I learned and now to end today with a badly told joke:

It's a good thing Microsoft doesn't make a car - it would go 100 miles an hour and then all of a sudden shut down for no reason and need to be rebooted.  It's a good thing Apple doesn't either - their car would only drive on 5% of the road.

"Be careful how you choose your words for they may be your last."  Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day/evening/whatever. 

14 February 2010

Pillow Fight

Looks like I'm going to have to change things up a bit.  I am switching today with Wednesday so I can post this update with an interesting thing I ran into today.  Then on Wednesday I will post the conclusion to the latest story I've been working on.

So today I was in San Fransisco with my sister, her boyfriend and our friend Steve.  I was going to take the ferry home but missed the boat.  I wouldn't have missed the boat if we hadn't tried to have dinner at Johnny Rockets first.  That was a fiasco seeing as we were trying for a sit down but it was so crowded that by the time we got our food we had to take it to go.  Even then, I missed the boat.  So I had to walk 2 miles to get to the ferry terminal where the bus would be stopping.  The good thing is, the ticket I bought worked for both the ferry and the bus.  As I was walking from pier 41 Steve caught up with me.  He decided to walk with me and then would walk back to the hotel after I was on the bus.  While we were walking we passed a group of teenagers carrying generic white pillows.  We figured that there was probably a sleep over going on.  Then we passed more people carrying pillows.  They were people of different ages, all carrying white pillows.  Was there a protest for Valentines Day?  Was it a "massive" sleep over?  Was it coincidence?  Was it a joke and we were out of the loop?  After I got on the bus, as we were pulling out, the drive announced, "On you're left you will see a pillow fight."  Sure enough there were people hitting each other with pillows.  Then after the bus turned around I saw the plaza.  It was filled with a hoard of people all hitting each other with pillows.  There was fluff and feathers everywhere, so thick in some areas that it looked like snow.  I had to tell people.  I sent out a number of texts and then called my mom.  I asked her to google "Pillow" and "San Fransisco".  She did and came up with an event page.  Apparently there was an advertised event that anyone could come and join the pillow fight that would start at 6pm.  The only rule was that you could only hit people with a pillow if they were carrying a pillow themselves.  I then received a text from a friend of mine who told me that San Fransisco did this every Valentines Day and that it was a HUGE event.  I could definitely see it was quite the event.  It was random, funny, crazy and unique.  So unique in fact that I had to change up my days to post this blog today.

13 February 2010

It's just too easy pt 3

...Aaron's life just got a lot more complicated. At least, until he found a way to shake her off.

Aaron laid there, his head pillowed by nothing but concrete.  The girl had left as soon as he had opened his mouth to start answering her question.  It was almost as if she had known his answer.  Was it possible that she was like him?  No, he would have known if that was true.  She was simply smart and intuitive.  It was pointless to run or hide.  If she was going to find him anyways, then any effort would all be wasted. 

Aaron was not one to fight a losing battle.  He had lived his life by flying under the radar.  Life had no purpose other than simply existing.  That was good enough for him.  Being noticed always led to hatred, mobs and sometimes jail.  never again.  Avoiding people seemed the safest answer.

Not even thirty minutes, after she had left, passed before he heard her soft footsteps returning.  There was a smell of unhealthy grease in the air as a red and white paper bag was dropped by his head.  Aaron's stomach growled.

"Figured you were hungry.  Lookls like I was right."  She stated mater of factly.

Without moving or even opening his eyes, Aaron muttered.  "I never asked for anything.  I can feed myself, if I so choose."

The girl plopped down on the other side of the alley.  She pulled her legs close to her chest with her arms wrapped around.  Her chin rested on the knees of her blue jeans.  "I know, but you don't."  A forlorn sound echoed in her voice, lost and sad.  ~to be concluded~

12 February 2010


Some people have asked, what are some good books for light reading.  Well I have my biased being that I am in to fantasy, but I like a variety. 

So here are some recommendations...

  • Fantasy:
    • anything by Terry Brooks, especially "The Sword of Shannara" or "The Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold" series.
    • His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik - this series has some great historical background and it is an amazing piece of literature.
    • The Lightning Thief and other books by Rick Riordan - these are a good read for kids as well, probably ages 8 and up would be my guess.
  • Improving Self:
    • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
    • Positive Discipline - good for people with kids or planning on having kids or working with kids.
    • Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People
    • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - still reading this but already I'm hooked
  • Sci-Fi
    • Anything by Ray Bradbury some of my favorites "The Martian Chronicles" and "Fahrenheit 451". Also, "1984" by George Orwell.
    • Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" series.  This is an amazing piece of literature, the authors writing is captivating and believable and simply sucks you in to the story.
  • Random Others
    • Runaway Jury by John Grisham
    • The Green Mile by Stephen King
I'm sure there are many others but these are the ones that really stick out in my mind.  It's great to have some recommendations to choose from, hope some of these captivate those of you who were needing a good read.

11 February 2010

Setting Goals

So last week I talked about perspective.  I left a challenge to make a list of what you believe makes you successful.  It can be physical, spiritual, emotional, thoughtful, etc...  I have been working on this and continue to reevaluate and revamp my list on what I believe it means to be successful.
The dictionary defines success as being:  "the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors."  Meaning you make an attempt at something and gain a favorable result, or, the result you were hoping for.

Now that success has been defined, my next step is to make goals.  What can I be doing now to achieve success?  Am I on the right path or are there things in my life I need to change?

Goal setting is important for many reasons.  If a person is having trouble feeling useful or bored, goal setting can help alleviate that.  The best way I have found to set goals is to follow this pattern.

  • First set the BIG goals.  That is pretty much the list of what is believed to be success.  So for example, having a lot of money or starting a family or anything else that may be on that list.
  • Next set yearly goals.  Realisitcally where would you see yourself in a year.
  • Then set monthly goals.  What can be achieved in a months time.
  • Last set weekly and daily goals.  I put these together because it is important to check on your goals at least once a week to see how you are doing.  That gives you the opportunity to fine tune the goals to fit your life.
The important thing is to not get frustrated.  If I end up looking at my weekly goals and find I haven't achieved much then I look at it and see if I need to change some things around to be more realistic and doable.  If I mess up one day or one week, it's ok.  I can start again the next week and move on from there.

Goal setting can be hard to do but it is so rewarding in the end.  I may sound like a hypocrite to those who know me, but I just pick myself up and "keep moving forward" as best as I can.  You never know, one of these days I may get it right.

10 February 2010

Organized? At least a little better.

I have now updated my blog to have a permanent text box at the top. This states what is going on for each day of the week. That way if someone is not interested in "cool facts", they simply have to avoid reading mondays blog. Or, if people are only interested in reading short stories and poetry, they make sure to only read on the weekends. This is simple, organized and now people have a way to contact me. It's nice, at least I hope it is.
In the past week I learned:
  • bunjie cords are a necessity to have in the trunk of your car
  • A wheelchair with foot rests does not fit in the same size place as one with out.
  • Astronomy is a fun science, as long as you have a good teacher.
  • Friends can be found in expected and unexpected places.
  • Keeping busy and productive help keep a person happier.
  • Movies are better with company.
  • A puzzle takes longer to put together when a person has a life.
  • Books on CD make any drive more fun and entertaining.
  • Talking a big talk is not the same as walking the walk.
  • In what seems like the darkest moment, sometimes the light does come.

09 February 2010

a blessing

I had an amazing experience today. Though I can not share all of it, I can put the basics. I have been going through some struggles. My mind was unstable and I could tell that I was spiraling in a negative direction. I was unable to stabilize my mind, my therapist helped a little, but it was not enough. I had been praying for help and advise from the Lord. Usually my dreams give me some insight, but not this time. This time the only dreams that came were scattered and nonsensical. I finally humbled myself to ask a couple gentlemen for a blessing. (A blessing is when two men who hold the authority given by God, lay their hands on a persons head and are able to act as a conduit for the Lord. They speak the words the Lord wants you to hear at that time and the spirit of the Lord gives you comfort). I received that blessing and the most amazing thing head cleared up. I was able to look at the world through opened eyes and understand so much. It's hard to describe except that I didn't have to fight to pay attention, I could remember things and I was able to speak clearly and be understood. It's been a while since I've been able to do that. My mind has now gone back to what passes for normal or how it usually is, but the memory is still there. Plus, it's not as bad. It's nice to know that the Lord is there. Everything will work out, somehow, someway...

08 February 2010

Invention with no Inventor

Well I don't know if this falls under the category of "cool fact", but it certainly is a random fact. Over the past week I was a part of a conversation that had to do with the brilliance of human's and their inventions. Things like the "light bulb", "postal service", "automobile", and "Internet". It was then brought to my attention that with all of these great inventions, we know who invented them. We even know a little bit of back story on some of these remembered individuals. Even with all of this there is one great invention in which we do not know where the idea came from or who came up with it. That is the invention of the "toilet". Or more specific, indoor plumbing, and running water. What we do know is that the Romans had plumbing in ancient Babalonia, using lead pipes. The word plumbing came from the latin word Plumbum, which means lead. As far as I can tell, that is the farthest back the invention of plumbing can be traced.

07 February 2010

It's Just Too Easy pt 2

...So there he sleeps, in an alley, alone and ignored.

"Hi", a high pitch chirp announced. There was a long silence, Aaron didn't look up from where he was laying. A small finger tapped the black woven beanie on top of his head.

"Hi", the voice said again, a little annoyed.

Aaron slowly leaned his head back, opening his eyes. At first, all he saw was the blurred halo of a face. Slowly he blinked a couple times. The face of a young girl cam into focus. He figured she could be anywhere between the ages of 12 and 14. Her mouse brown hair hung past her shoulders, brushing his cheek as she swayed back and forth. She was leaning over him, a look of mild concern on her face. If he had been a normal boy, he may have either snapped at her to mind her own business or asked her what she wanted. Instead, he simply stared at her.

He didn't have to concentrate all that hard to learn what she wanted. It simply came to him in his mind. 'She's worried about me, wants to buy me food and give me clothes. She has a good heart.' Aaron sighed, people with good hearts are always the hardest to deal with. Why couldn't she just leave him alone? 'She also has a lot of questions.' He thought, 'I hate questions.'

Without even thinking he mumbled, "no thanks. I'm not hungry and these cloths work just fine for now."

"I didn't say anything about that." She said suspiciously.

Aaron laid his head back on the concrete, his body stretched out next to the alley wall. Closing his eyes he thought, 'Here we go again.' Too much knowledge can get a person in a lot of trouble. That's the reason he was in his current predicament in the first place. It always started out innocent, but before you knew it, you were kicked out of another town or city or whatever.

"So do you?" She asked impatiently.

Aaron's eyes popped open. He studied her innocent face. 'She still wants to buy me food. She still has questions but...' His response came out more curt and bitter than he expected. "I already answered." He figured if he ignored her, she would go away. At least, he would have figured that, if he didn't already know.

The knowledge came to him in a rush of thoughts and images. 'She's not going to leave.' He concluded. 'If I don't go with her, she will bring food here. If I take off, she will search around until she finds me. She will find me.' He knew it. He didn't know HOW he knew, but as with everything else, he simply knew. Aaron's life just got a lot more complicated. At least, until he found a way to shake her off.

~to be continued~ (on Saturday)

06 February 2010

It's Just Too Easy

Aaron was a slender boy of 16. He looked malnourished. His cheeks were sunken in beneath eyes that were a dull blue, having lost their sparkle years ago. His pepper blond hair was shoulder length and scraggly. There was a shadow of an incoming beard, now 2 months in the making. It was easy to ignore him, passing by with out a thought. If someone happened to notice him in a worn Alan Jackson t-shirt and torn faded jeans he had acquired out of a dumpster somewhere, they would cross to the other side of the street, saying something like, "Another alcoholic bum", or "That's what drugs'll do to ya." Reading this you may begin to wonder what this youth had done to bring upon such a life. He didn't, not in the way you're thinking. You may even begin to feel sorry for him. Don't. Your pity and worry are fleeting. I know because day after day good people like you walk on the other side of the street to avoid being asked for money. You know it's true. Nevermind the fact that he would not ask. One look at him and people like you already think you know him. So there he sleeps, in an alley, alone and ignored.


~to be continued~

05 February 2010

Change of Mind

Actually, Friday is subject to change. I was in a hurry and all of the other subjects for the other days had simply fallen into place. I had "almost" a whole week worth of material. I didn't want to leave Friday blank, that would ruin having a plan and reason to write everyday. If people in my small but loyal audience have any suggestions about what subject they would like me to cover, please post them as a comment, send me an email, facebook, text or call.

I could make it "Random Fridays" in which I randomly share or write about what people want or I could call it "Question Fridays" or "Ask Me, Fridays" in which readers send me questions and I respond either in a serious or joking manner depending on the type of question. I just don't think I have the readership to keep up such a thing.

I am open for suggestions, ridicule, comments, jokes and statements.

04 February 2010

Change of Mindset

The first thing I want to cover is perspective. What makes a person successful? Is it a new car? Is it a lavish house? Is it spending large amounts of money every month? Is it a stable job? Is it making lots of money every month at a job? Is it having benefits? Is it the people around, such as friends and family? Is it doing the 'right' thing? Is it being in a stable relationship? Is it being single and happy? Is it being able to go to the movies or go out to eat regularly?

It's all of these things and none of them at the same time. First, being successful means something different to everyone. I can't speak for the entire population, but I can speak for myself. I have never really thought of myself as being successful and as such, I have never been successful. I always thought it would be nice to have money or a government job or a family or traveling, but I never really thought any of that would be true for me. In some aspects I still don't.

My change of mindset is not "I want to be a millionaire or have a lot of money". My change of mindset is a lot simpler than that. Here are the steps I am taking:

1) I want to look at my life and see where I am already a success.
2) I am making a positive list of my successes.
3) I am going to post that list where I will see it in the morning.

I am not setting goals. As an example, I am not saying, "I will have a lot of money now that I have decided that is my success". Whatever my belief in success may be, that is not the plan for this week. Next week I can work on goals. This week is about mindset. First I must feel good about myself and the things I have already done.

Try this sometime. You'd be surprised about how good this exercise can make you feel. Just remember, everyone has successes, sometimes you have to let go of your personal prejudices and criticisms to see it, but they are there.

03 February 2010

Organized Blog

So I have now organized how I'm going to run the blog.

Cool Fact Monday: Share some type of random fact I learned and expand.

Spiritual Tuesday: Share something uplifting and religious.

Update Wednesday: Basically a day that I share something going on in my life or something going on in the blog. A day to do stuff like this without interfering with the flow of things.

Future Thursday: Share things that interest me about mindset, goals, financial, and other aspects of life that can lead to a better future.

Ask Me Friday: A chance for me to share what you want. You send me a message with a question, comment, ridicule or whatever and then I will bring that up or address the issue on this day. (We shall see if I have the readership and response to support a once a week blog)

Short Story Weekend: I share a short story, starting Saturday. If the story ends on Saturday then Sunday I'll post a poem or uplifting thought. But, I like having Sunday open for a continuation of a longer story.

So, that's the plan and, as a wise person at church once said, "Join the AI and be robots like me."

02 February 2010

An Angel for me?

So, for now at least, I think Tuesday will be "spiritual tuesday". Here I will share different incites that I have learned either at church, on my own or at Institute (which is pretty much a Bible Study collage class that also include other scripture)

Alma 8:15 "Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivedst thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you."

In this scripture this guy, Alma, is sad and discouraged and here comes an Angel to visit. How cool would that be, but then when you think about it this happens all the time. An angel could be a friend, family member or complete stranger that happens to be there at the right time and in the right place. This makes me think of a movie, "Almost an Angel" it's one of my favorite movies of all time but is really hard to find on dvd since it was never put out commercially.

The Lord prepares people to help us we may not know who, where or why. We may even think 'someone for me?' and shake our head disbelievingly. It's true. One of my favorite songs is "Gotta be Somebody" by Nickelback. We may not know it but the Lord prepares people and prepares us and "Somewhere out there", there is somebody being prepared for each of us to help us be the best people we can be.

The Adversary will take our flaws and magnify/ distort them. Either HE will make us believe that our flaws make us think we are worse then we really are or he makes them seem to be not that bad. Whenever we take our flaws to the extreme it is important to take a step back and evaluate. Is it really that bad? or, Is this something that is worse than I feel it is? Either way, it is good to avoid the extreme and simply try to live life as the best you that you can be. Enjoy life. Be happy. And do what you feel is right, what you truly feel in your heart.

01 February 2010

The answer

Today is my first try at "cool fact monday". Once a week, on monday, I will pull out a random fact I learned that week. This could be something I learned in class, heard on the radio, read in a book or wherever.

Today's cool fact comes from my astronomy teacher, Prof Smith. He was talking about rainbows and how the light hitting at 42 degree angle is what is needed to cause the effect of the rainbow. Then he went to say that "the answer to life, the universe, and everything" is really 42. He stated that in nature that number is everywhere. This number is fundamental in the makings of the universe.

So then I did some research on the internet and found this statement."Our galaxy weighs three times 10 to the power of 42kg - a number written as 3 followed by 42 zeroes" I'm not very good at math so I can't verify the accuracy of this statement but it sure sounds good to me.

So if you ever sit and wonder about your existence on this planet and what the answer to life and well, pretty much everything. Just relax and know that the answer is really 42 and that should clear everything up.