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03 February 2010

Organized Blog

So I have now organized how I'm going to run the blog.

Cool Fact Monday: Share some type of random fact I learned and expand.

Spiritual Tuesday: Share something uplifting and religious.

Update Wednesday: Basically a day that I share something going on in my life or something going on in the blog. A day to do stuff like this without interfering with the flow of things.

Future Thursday: Share things that interest me about mindset, goals, financial, and other aspects of life that can lead to a better future.

Ask Me Friday: A chance for me to share what you want. You send me a message with a question, comment, ridicule or whatever and then I will bring that up or address the issue on this day. (We shall see if I have the readership and response to support a once a week blog)

Short Story Weekend: I share a short story, starting Saturday. If the story ends on Saturday then Sunday I'll post a poem or uplifting thought. But, I like having Sunday open for a continuation of a longer story.

So, that's the plan and, as a wise person at church once said, "Join the AI and be robots like me."

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