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14 February 2010

Pillow Fight

Looks like I'm going to have to change things up a bit.  I am switching today with Wednesday so I can post this update with an interesting thing I ran into today.  Then on Wednesday I will post the conclusion to the latest story I've been working on.

So today I was in San Fransisco with my sister, her boyfriend and our friend Steve.  I was going to take the ferry home but missed the boat.  I wouldn't have missed the boat if we hadn't tried to have dinner at Johnny Rockets first.  That was a fiasco seeing as we were trying for a sit down but it was so crowded that by the time we got our food we had to take it to go.  Even then, I missed the boat.  So I had to walk 2 miles to get to the ferry terminal where the bus would be stopping.  The good thing is, the ticket I bought worked for both the ferry and the bus.  As I was walking from pier 41 Steve caught up with me.  He decided to walk with me and then would walk back to the hotel after I was on the bus.  While we were walking we passed a group of teenagers carrying generic white pillows.  We figured that there was probably a sleep over going on.  Then we passed more people carrying pillows.  They were people of different ages, all carrying white pillows.  Was there a protest for Valentines Day?  Was it a "massive" sleep over?  Was it coincidence?  Was it a joke and we were out of the loop?  After I got on the bus, as we were pulling out, the drive announced, "On you're left you will see a pillow fight."  Sure enough there were people hitting each other with pillows.  Then after the bus turned around I saw the plaza.  It was filled with a hoard of people all hitting each other with pillows.  There was fluff and feathers everywhere, so thick in some areas that it looked like snow.  I had to tell people.  I sent out a number of texts and then called my mom.  I asked her to google "Pillow" and "San Fransisco".  She did and came up with an event page.  Apparently there was an advertised event that anyone could come and join the pillow fight that would start at 6pm.  The only rule was that you could only hit people with a pillow if they were carrying a pillow themselves.  I then received a text from a friend of mine who told me that San Fransisco did this every Valentines Day and that it was a HUGE event.  I could definitely see it was quite the event.  It was random, funny, crazy and unique.  So unique in fact that I had to change up my days to post this blog today.


Stacie said...

I have heard about that a few years ago and have always wanted to do it. My friend Kokob went!! I hope she took pix. Man. You'll have to participate next year! :)

Kirsten said...

Hey, you didn't text me!

Dragon_Fire said...

I knew I was missing people. I tried to remember who all to text, but that's the glory of the blog. Now you are not forgotten and you got the full account instead of the couple word text. =)

Sean said...

Kirsten: I got texted and trust me - there was a lot more info on the blog than there was in the texts. A lot more.