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16 February 2010

Tuesday will be different

I had a great post prepared today about how everyone has the light of Christ and that is a particle of faith that we can choose to exercise or ignore, depending on our choices. How God can touch anyone's heart, you don't have to be smart, logical, speak same language, etc. There are no requirements, God can touch anyone and allow them to feel something extraordinary. Not everyone moves at the same spiritual pace and that it is alright. It took Brigham Young 3 years to be baptized. There was so much more. I wanted to share everything that I felt today, but I know it is not possible. Also, as I was preparing what I wanted to write I came to a realization. Spiritual experiences are not something to be published widely at least not in the sense that I am building my blog for. Eventually I am working so that this blog is a story blog and that everyday I post a part of a story. That is a work in progress and I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. So, I have a week to decide what I want this day to be. It can be poetry, movie or book quotes, tales from work or something. I'll have that figured out preferably before next Tuesday.

So I will end this post with a bad joke and a preview of the story I will be starting on Saturday.

"Does _______ (enter least favorite politician here) wear boxers or briefs?" "Depends"

INTO THE DEPTHS (sneak peak)

"Shep?" There was no answer, Jim was starting to get worried. Shep was in charge of everything and Jim hadn't seen him for over an hour. Jim had no idea how far below the surface they had gone. The water pressure had to be high. If anything went wrong they would probably die before they could have the chance to drown. "Shep?" Jim called desperately. Why wouldn't he answer? Could...

"Here. I'm here stupid. Stop your hollerin' and yellin'. It's not like you're dying." There was a pause, then a crash of metal followed by a barely audible curse. "You're not dyin', are ya?" Shep asked quizzically.

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