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07 February 2010

It's Just Too Easy pt 2

...So there he sleeps, in an alley, alone and ignored.

"Hi", a high pitch chirp announced. There was a long silence, Aaron didn't look up from where he was laying. A small finger tapped the black woven beanie on top of his head.

"Hi", the voice said again, a little annoyed.

Aaron slowly leaned his head back, opening his eyes. At first, all he saw was the blurred halo of a face. Slowly he blinked a couple times. The face of a young girl cam into focus. He figured she could be anywhere between the ages of 12 and 14. Her mouse brown hair hung past her shoulders, brushing his cheek as she swayed back and forth. She was leaning over him, a look of mild concern on her face. If he had been a normal boy, he may have either snapped at her to mind her own business or asked her what she wanted. Instead, he simply stared at her.

He didn't have to concentrate all that hard to learn what she wanted. It simply came to him in his mind. 'She's worried about me, wants to buy me food and give me clothes. She has a good heart.' Aaron sighed, people with good hearts are always the hardest to deal with. Why couldn't she just leave him alone? 'She also has a lot of questions.' He thought, 'I hate questions.'

Without even thinking he mumbled, "no thanks. I'm not hungry and these cloths work just fine for now."

"I didn't say anything about that." She said suspiciously.

Aaron laid his head back on the concrete, his body stretched out next to the alley wall. Closing his eyes he thought, 'Here we go again.' Too much knowledge can get a person in a lot of trouble. That's the reason he was in his current predicament in the first place. It always started out innocent, but before you knew it, you were kicked out of another town or city or whatever.

"So do you?" She asked impatiently.

Aaron's eyes popped open. He studied her innocent face. 'She still wants to buy me food. She still has questions but...' His response came out more curt and bitter than he expected. "I already answered." He figured if he ignored her, she would go away. At least, he would have figured that, if he didn't already know.

The knowledge came to him in a rush of thoughts and images. 'She's not going to leave.' He concluded. 'If I don't go with her, she will bring food here. If I take off, she will search around until she finds me. She will find me.' He knew it. He didn't know HOW he knew, but as with everything else, he simply knew. Aaron's life just got a lot more complicated. At least, until he found a way to shake her off.

~to be continued~ (on Saturday)

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