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10 February 2010

Organized? At least a little better.

I have now updated my blog to have a permanent text box at the top. This states what is going on for each day of the week. That way if someone is not interested in "cool facts", they simply have to avoid reading mondays blog. Or, if people are only interested in reading short stories and poetry, they make sure to only read on the weekends. This is simple, organized and now people have a way to contact me. It's nice, at least I hope it is.
In the past week I learned:
  • bunjie cords are a necessity to have in the trunk of your car
  • A wheelchair with foot rests does not fit in the same size place as one with out.
  • Astronomy is a fun science, as long as you have a good teacher.
  • Friends can be found in expected and unexpected places.
  • Keeping busy and productive help keep a person happier.
  • Movies are better with company.
  • A puzzle takes longer to put together when a person has a life.
  • Books on CD make any drive more fun and entertaining.
  • Talking a big talk is not the same as walking the walk.
  • In what seems like the darkest moment, sometimes the light does come.

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