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17 February 2010

Not enough time in the day

So death to me. I have excuses though, as to why I can not post the story conclusion today but must post it tomorrow.

I've been having trouble with my breathing.
I was not near a computer at all today.
I have it all finished, it just needs to be typed.
Work is taking more time than I expected.
I went to the Temple with friends.
I had to deposit a check and buy necessities.

Can't think of anything else. Today was wonderful. I saw so many people I knew and got to talk with one of my really good friends. I have been able to help a friend with rides too and from work and I have done pretty well on keeping up with my homework and such. I enjoy my job and other than missing this post, life has been going pretty well so far.

Oh and I decided not to move to Crescent City. It's been my plan for so long, but I'll have to share the details later.

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