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01 February 2010

The answer

Today is my first try at "cool fact monday". Once a week, on monday, I will pull out a random fact I learned that week. This could be something I learned in class, heard on the radio, read in a book or wherever.

Today's cool fact comes from my astronomy teacher, Prof Smith. He was talking about rainbows and how the light hitting at 42 degree angle is what is needed to cause the effect of the rainbow. Then he went to say that "the answer to life, the universe, and everything" is really 42. He stated that in nature that number is everywhere. This number is fundamental in the makings of the universe.

So then I did some research on the internet and found this statement."Our galaxy weighs three times 10 to the power of 42kg - a number written as 3 followed by 42 zeroes" I'm not very good at math so I can't verify the accuracy of this statement but it sure sounds good to me.

So if you ever sit and wonder about your existence on this planet and what the answer to life and well, pretty much everything. Just relax and know that the answer is really 42 and that should clear everything up.

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