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19 February 2010

Men of Worth

I told a number of people, not everyone but anyone I was in contact with for the past week, that I was going to a concert with my grandma tonight. My parents also came. The band is called "Men of Worth", there are two men, one is Scottish and the other Irish. They play Celtic and folk music and have been doing so for the past 25 years.

I recommend them to anyone. My family bought a couple of their Cd's. I would have but I'm trying to be smart with my money and not spend what I really don't have.

If you like Celtic and folk then you will love them. They are funny, traditional and have amazing voices and musical talent. If you don't but like trying new things, they are good to try out.

I saw them at the Benicia Historical Museum. It is a lovely place with an amazing Boy Scouts museum. They have all sorts of things from the beginning of scouts in the area and through history. They have a large collection of manuals, patches and other historical items. Also, there is a beautiful backyard area with a fountain and garden. It was lovely. The concert had a packed house but we were over an hour early so we got the best seats in the house. And, thanks to my Grammy's handicap parking, we also had the best parking space.

I don't know if I can but I'll try on Sunday to borrow the Cd's and post a couple songs here. If not, I will post them on facebook and you will simply have to check there to get a taste of the music.

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