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05 February 2010

Change of Mind

Actually, Friday is subject to change. I was in a hurry and all of the other subjects for the other days had simply fallen into place. I had "almost" a whole week worth of material. I didn't want to leave Friday blank, that would ruin having a plan and reason to write everyday. If people in my small but loyal audience have any suggestions about what subject they would like me to cover, please post them as a comment, send me an email, facebook, text or call.

I could make it "Random Fridays" in which I randomly share or write about what people want or I could call it "Question Fridays" or "Ask Me, Fridays" in which readers send me questions and I respond either in a serious or joking manner depending on the type of question. I just don't think I have the readership to keep up such a thing.

I am open for suggestions, ridicule, comments, jokes and statements.

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

Ridicule. I go for ridicule! Haha, I like the idea of ask me Fridays.