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15 February 2010


Well this cool fact is courtesy of my astronomy class, I just found this so interesting.

If you lived in Antarctica you would have the opportunity to experience some unique happenings.

One thing is that no matter where you are or where the wind comes from, it will always be blowing from the north.

There is the 200 degree club.  These are people who will hang out in a sauna for a bit, then they will step outside into the cold.  This causes their body to go through a 200˚ difference. To do this they do have to have one very important piece of clothing, and it's not the kind that you're thinking of.  They need a cloth to cover their face so that they do not "frost" their lungs.  I have no idea how these people do not kill themselves doing this but apparently it's a great adrenaline rush.

You would have to eat at least 7,000 calories a day to NOT lose weight.  Need a weight loss program, move to Antarctica for 6 months.

If you go to the geographic south pole on New Years Eve and walk in a circle you can experience the New Year in all time zones.

Those were some interesting facts I learned and now to end today with a badly told joke:

It's a good thing Microsoft doesn't make a car - it would go 100 miles an hour and then all of a sudden shut down for no reason and need to be rebooted.  It's a good thing Apple doesn't either - their car would only drive on 5% of the road.

"Be careful how you choose your words for they may be your last."  Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day/evening/whatever. 

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