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14 October 2008

Cops on the 80

Driving back from fairfield today I saw a large procession of cops going east bound on the 80. East bound traffic was completly stopped right before one of the on ramps a little after I passed the entrance to hwy 12. I saw so many cops going in a straight line in the middle lane lights blazing. When I started counting I counted 50 cop cars before I lost count. So there were more than 50 cop cars. Was there a visiting dignitary? Was it a funeral?

If anyone knows why this was going on it would be good to know. When I find out I will add it in.

1 comment:

Dragon_Fire said...

Turns out it was a funeral.
East Bay Police Honor Fallen Officer

Richmond police lead a procession Tuesday across a wide stretch of Contra Costa County for an officer who died after a car crash earlier this month.

Rolling closures began at about 7:30 a.m. on eastbound Interstate 80 as the procession for Officer Brad Moody made its way to a funeral home in Vacaville.

The procession then headed back to westbound I-80, then south on Interstate 680, east on Highway 4, then took surface streets for a memorial at Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord.

At about 12:30 the procession returned to Vacaville.

Moody, 29, was taken off life support on Oct. 7 after he had been involved in a crash in his patrol car three days earlier.

There also was a cop car accident that happened. This link is for anyone interested.