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14 October 2008

Mysterious Van; What if?

Now there is a real story brewing. On the way to Institute my brother Steven and I saw a van. It was a non-descript white van, with no definite markings. The unusual thing was the two sets of long, heavy duty antenas sticking up from the back. It could have been an under cover news van, FBI, CIA or who knows. It could also have been linked to the procession of cop cars I saw earlier. Everything is pretty hush hush. The traffic on the freeway was stopped because an alian ship, vessel, sighting or portal to the fantacy realm was opened. When this happened of course the government would want to be involved, but they weren't allowed. The alians or magical creatures have spies in many places and the ability to control minds and bodies. They had control of those cops, that was why they came out evenly paced and in a straight line. Now the van comes to cover up any radio waves, news reports etc... If this blog is found I may be taken in for questioning or to have my mind erased. Hey it could happen.

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