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28 October 2008

Oh what a Sunday

Sunday was pretty full and interesting, I am just so thankful that the Lord was with me, watching over me and guiding me.

To start, I have to mention a little bit of Saturday. I was out costume item shopping for a few last minute accessories for Halloween. My parents and my grandfather were with me. All of a sudden my phone rings, this is actually a common thing but the 'all of a sudden' sounded better. It turned out to be Brother McCamish. It was probably about 4pm when he called. That should have been plenty of time to get home and prepare something really awesome. Except for the fact that we weren't done with our shopping day. Then we raced to my house by 5:30, the time Kirsten would be meeting up with me to go out for the mid-singles activity. That adventure has already been told right before this one.

Well I had a bowl of Tomato soup and a cheese sandwich and finished just as Kirsten drove up. We took off and had a great time. I don't know what time it was but I'm guessing between 9 and 10pm sometime Joan called me and asked if I could teach the Relief Society Lession. With out thinking I said sure and told her to email it to me.

Now, on with Sunday. I set my clock to wake up with still plenty of time to atleast read over the lesson and prepare my talk. I got up, had breakfast and checked my facebook real quick. Good thing I did because there was a message about the Ward Councel meeting I'm supposed to attend once a month. I got ready and ran out the door. I made it to the meeting and learned a lot of good things that will help out the activities. Then I raced over to pick up a friend for church. We made it just in time to sit down before the meeting started. So there I sit, supposed to give a 15min talk and I have not even picked a subject. Although on the way to pick up my friend I had thought of a great opening line and some good opening scriptures.

Durring the opening prayer, I also silently prayed that the Lord would be with me and help me to say the things that he has called me to say. Durring the opening song I write quickly the scriptures and thoughts that came to me. Durring the sacrament I turned to atonement scriptures and gaines some more insight for my talk. Then a song that I had written years ago came to my mind, though I could not remember all of the words I could remember the important ones. I was amazed how well the talk actually turned out but you know I shouldn't be amazed. With the Lord all things are possible and the things of the spirit never seace to amaze me.

Well then I spoke with the bishop about a great many things and it took longer than it should have. I was supposed to give my friend a ride back home, she wasn't feeling very well. I bairely had time to get her home and make it back in time for the lesson in Relief Society. I arrived just in time and found out that they didn't even know I was teaching the lesson. They were prepared to wing it, surprisingly enough that was exactly what I was going to do. I pulled out the lesson and, just as with the talk, the Lord blessed me and we were able to have a great discussion and lesson. We ended right on time, it was perfect.

All I can say is that with God all things are possible.

The rest of Sunday was time to visit with some great friends. It was Sara's birthday and she had a small party where we were able to have fun and cheer her up. It was the greatest. Everyone was happy and relaxed. A great time to be with friends and lift others up. Then everyone left and Kirsten and I had a little chat in her car. We saw that the Narita's were still up so we came up to say hi again and spent some time visiting.

Then it was time to go home and go to bed. We were both exhausted. Oh what a wonderful Sunday.


The DisneyCoug said...

Wow! You're amazing! Of course the Lord is amazing, but you still have to be in touch with the Spirit to do that well! Good job!

The DisneyCoug said...

Where have you gone? You need to post another entry! My goodness, I expected to hear something about Strong and Waaaa by now.

Dragon_Fire said...

The girl is back! Hopefully...