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03 May 2009

Duh! Should of had a blessing!

So things are getting much better. I finally got a blessing and I feel a whole lot better. I have a job every Monday watching 2 adorable children. School is coming down to the wire with lots of work and assignments. I have missed too many classes for illness whether mental or physical and hope I still pass all of the classes. I have also lost the part of me that writes and creates and I think it is breaking me apart. The good thing is I am now finding that part of me again. The downside to all of that is that I will have to limit my social excursions. That is fine, being social is fine but it is exhausting and it's good to have time to yourself as well. This is more just a ramble post from a rambling mind that has been sick and out of commission for over 5 days. I better stop rambling and get my class work done haha.....what an interesting life. It is better to live your life then to die and wish you had another shot. Dreams and wishes are just that, it is actions that lead to true memories.


"SOME people have decided that it would be a great idea to post depressing posts. Then SOME people think it's a great idea to watch depressing shows. ACK! When one is sick the only thing that makes them get better is positive and funny things. Comedy is the greatest medacine. I need to find some funny joke or something to post so that I wont add to the depressing posts!"

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