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30 April 2009

Cough Cough, Squeal...

Yea so all this stuff is going around about the deadly swine flu. [haha I read a friends blog that had pigs with wings, swine flew...] Anyways, right before I heard about all of this lock down and fear of travel, I came down sick. Yea, just minor body aches and congestion. Something I knew could get out of hand quick and become an infection if i wasn't careful.

Then I heard about this new deadly virus that's been going around. "Well, I'm glad I'm in America." or maybe, "That's sad. Good thing I don't have that." Then I got worse. Congestion, sneezing, body aches and small fever. Uh Oh!

Well the problem is, it feels like just the regular flu. Then I get a document from Tina in the email that states that it is just the flu. The only difference is that it is a rare strain of the flu. It was deadly in America the first time it showed up, [I forgot already but I think it said 1918 or something like that] Anyways, it will be just like the flu. It is deadly to those that the flu would be deadly too anyways. It is also deadly to 3rd world countries and those places that do not have the medical we do over here or do not have the vaccines and such.

So, yea, I'm sick. I got some sort of flu. Whether it's the "Swine Flu" or some other strain really doesn't matter since I plan on getting better soon anyways. I will just bundle up and take lots of sleepy flu medacine and sleep all day tomorrow. That should kick it, I hope, if not I will do the same thing on saturday. I will sleep the virus away!!!! HA HA HA

Here's a link to the article:,0,7349414,print.story

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