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15 April 2009

Cluttered Room = Cluttered Mind

So my rooms been a super mess. It started out with one thing, which led to another and so on. I continued to say "I'll get to it later" and later never comes. I brought stuff inside from the shed because my things were getting moldy and lots of stuff had to be thrown out. I needed to save my books. Well one day I got caught in a compulsion. I ended up cleaning out all of my dvd's and putting them in an easy to carry cd holder and tossed out all of my dvd cases. Wow that made a big difference in cleaning up my room. Then I put my clothes away and got rid of anything I don't wear anymore. Then the shoes. I was on a roll. The cool thing was that as I simplified my life and got rid of things that are just there but don't do me any good, I was sad for a moment but my mind began to open. I could feel the spirit more, I could think better and I was just happier.

My room is now going back to a small form of dissaray and I find my mind doing the same. Cluttered room really does equal a scattered and cluttered mind. No wonder the Lord has counseled us to simplify our lives and to live within our means.


Kelley said...
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Dragon_Fire said...

Yea, I still have a few more back blogs that need to get posted to catch up, then it won't be so many blogs at once, just maybe once a day or a few times a week as interesting things happen.

I'm so excited for the swimming pool!!!!!! Thats a great way to relax and relieve stress.