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15 April 2009

My emotions and I: a learning experiance

hmmmmmm.......I can't remember where I was going with this one. I hadn't typed anything except for the title. Let me think.....oh! That's Right!!!

So I guess it's time for me to come out of the closet. Yea, I've been keeping a deep dark secret, even from myself. I have since seen a couple psychiatrists and at least a few different counselors. They have all come to the same conclusion. I have been diagnosed Bi-Polar. Yea, ok, so it may not be quite that serious but that is my diagnosis. A friend said that I may simply be Manic Depressive. Although, my psychiatrist said that I was simply a unique form of Bi-Polar. What ever the case, I am on medication....the good thing is it seems to be helping.

I feel more stable at times and I notice when I am caught in obsessive compulsions. Sometimes I can even stop the compulsions now. It's amazing. I am a better driver, or at least notice when I do something I shouldn't and then back off. I still go extreme high and low but now I feel more in control. I feel almost what it would be like, to be like other people. To not be considered strange and to not have to be so shy and quiet all of the time. It doesn't matter what others think, this is a lesson I am still learning.

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