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15 April 2009

No power means Late to Work??

Of course not. Not with my awesome Alarm Clock. It goes off even when the power is out. Although it's not the snappy radio station or the annoying alarm sound. It's just this soft, but it wont stop till you get up, cross the room and completley turn it off. No snooze for the no power alarm hahahaha.

Well with the power off, my grandpa couldn't see so he went to the bathroom on top of the toilet seat....eeeewwwww. I didn't know, becasue the light wouldn't work, so I lifted the seat up and heard "splash" I just knew what it was and sighed. Then the power came on, convenient. I cleaned up the bathroom and got on facebook real quick to check my messages. Then ran to take a shower and who do you think is in the bathroom???? Grandpa! ack! He never gets up before 9am until the day I have to leave about 8. So either I stink or I'm late to work. Whatever....that's my life.

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