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06 April 2009


Well, kelley, this one's for you. I told you I'd post something on my blog.....although i did say it would be a couple days ago, but better late than never.

My Post!!!


Kelley said...

LoL. Thanks Amy!! I made my facebook page to. And guess what, your pretty little family is on it. Now, if I can only actually create a blog and not blog stock people. hmmm yeah!

Kelley said...

ps. what a cheapooooooooooo!!!! although you did post on your blog, a little more substance next time ehh??? oh yes, i also put pics of our recent trip to sf. feel free to use them.

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

Wow, she finally updated. Is this really Amy? OK Amy, now you owe me a blog post with substance!

Dragon_Fire said...

What?????? Now you want Substance???? Thats it!!! More, more, more....gimme, gimme. Are you ever happy? =P