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13 April 2009

Facebook, School, Work and having a life...

Wow. So it has been a while since I posted. It's difficult on this piece of crap keyboard that doesn't always type the letters I do. So either I will just leave it and you will have to figure out the words with the missing letters or (more likely) I have to keep deleting and retyping the words. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!

Last I was on I stated how facebook had sapped my life away. So I took a break and then slowly integrated it back into my life. Problem is, that didn't work so well. It did it again. Ack! Stupid applications. I only have a puppy, farm, house, green patch, blue cove, kidnap and car. Then there are those surveys that tell you where you should live, what famous person you are like and when you will be married. Sheesh.....yea this is not working for me.....

So now I only have a puppy, which has my main attention and then I network. I send people messages and check my own. I chat with some people when we are online at the same time. But why should I focus so much attention on Facebook when there is a perfectly good free RPG game online? It's like Dungeon's and Dragon's but on the internet with tons of people. It's great.

Also, I am going to school. I do wish to pass my classes and at times this is looking to be an impossible task. I just keep plugging away and do the best I can. If I pass all of these classes this semester I will have, "an AA Degree in Literature and Arts" yea yea, it's a pansy degree but it will get me into BYU and they have a great english and esl and music program. Oh yea, I'll learn a lot...

Then there's work, that's another big thing. I was working three days a week, full time days, in Petaluma. Then I was going to school two days a week from 9am to 6pm. Then I was going to activities with the singles ward from 7pm to midnight a few times a week. Then I was doing homework, teaching the mission prep class and giving a talk in diff wards almost every sunday.

You wonder why I havn't been blogging and I could give you all of these excuses. Yes. My life has been extreamly busy and hard to handle. Yes, I have been exhausted and lacking for sleep. No, those are just excuses and no a reason at all. The real reason is I got lazy, I forgot, and then it was just too much trouble to get back into. At least until I got my butt kicked and realized that people actually read my nonsenss.....

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