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12 April 2009

Coming to a blog near you:

(I posted this a few days ago and didn't realize until just now that I posted it in the wrong place so it wasn't even in my Well now it's here, late again. ~sigh~)

So I have a number of blogs that I need to get to, I have the continuation of my adventures with Taya, Julian and myself. I have the continuation of the troubles with facebook. I have the interesting life of giving talks, managing a blog and teaching a church class. I also have the unusual and unexpected life of myself and my emotions. I have the no work blues, which incudes some great insights. Should I stay or should I go.......but it's the temple. And now, to work or not to work. and last, Cluttered room / cluttered mind.

I am currently typing these up in word and was going to polish and post today and then got called into work last minute. Just as a small heads up, though more detail in the latter blog, I havn't been working for almost two weeks. Well last night I got a last min phone call asking if I would be able to work for this guy for a couple days. I can't say no, I need the money, so I dropped everything and I'm going in to work, which means no time to goof off or post blogs. You wanted substance so here it is, although I had a better into in the next blog I was planning on posting. I might just leave it there for the comedy =P

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Well done my friend! I eagerly await the next installments. :-) Hope all is well.