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08 May 2009

This week in may

Well I can finally breath. It's been a while, I'd almost forgotten what it felt like. Life is good! The X-Men movie was awesome. Go Wolverine!!!!!

The other day I got to go with my brother to the court house in Porterville. It was awesome. We had a wonderful road trip, too bad I had a test that evening, otherwise we could have had the entire day. I love my brother so very much.

I drew a picture of a phoenix with a tear and a hand. Now I have to come up with a story for it....hmmmm

I had a hard time at class yesterday and tuesday. I think Tuesday was worse though. We are learning about Hate Crimes and it brought up a lot of memories. Memories I didn't even know I had and I just started crying. How could people be so cruel to anyone, especially for no reason at all. Why do people hate others who are different or who look different or who have a different life style. I will never understand that, never.


Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

You went to Porterville and didn't let me know? I might have come with you! You know that's only about twenty minutes away from my parents house, right?

Dragon_Fire said...

It wasn't a hang out trip and kinda last min during a weekday. We just drove down, went to court, picked up his gear and spend about half hour visiting a friend of his and then straight back. No time for fun or visiting or anything like that. Strictly business.