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12 September 2009

Traveling with my brother

Traveling with my brother is always an adventure. We have so much fun. This week had a few interesting moments. First off, I was driving him to SF to talk to the judge about his DUI. On the way we stopped at the toll booth to pay our toll. It was an Indian guy about 5'9", I would guess, black hair and beard. (not the native american indian but the India indian). He asked if we were together and Steven laughs, "No! She's my sister!!!"

"Does she have a boyfriend?" (talking past me as if I didn't exist. By the way whenever anyone asks if I have a boyfriend my automatic response is yes. I don't need to have strange guys coming on to me as if I was available for them.)

I say, "yes." Steven says, "No." laughing and shaking his head in a way that is unique to my brother.

"So she's available to marry..."

I blurt out "No" but the guy acted as if I had said nothing.

"I could hook you up if you let me have her."

Steven smiled, "Really..." and before he could respond about what girl he would be getting the guy continued.

"I can get you a house. A nice paid for house."

Steven continued on his thought program, " can hook me up with a hot chick?"

"For you, I'll throw in a girl."

At this point I drove off, smiled and waved goodbye. My brother thought this was the greatest and is now taking bids from people he runs into, to see who has the best offer.

If that wasn't interesting enough, we have had a number of people either ask or act like Steven and I are dating. Ack!!! My brother?! Although at Travis we were messing around a bit and I quoted a line from Scrubs "Is that a roll or quarters or are you just happy to see me." As I quoted I put my arms around his waist and an army dude was walking by and smirking.

Steven didn't want the guy to get the wrong idea, "No dude! It's ok. She's my sister." Good thing he thought better of it and didn't actually say that to the dude.

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