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25 January 2010

The incredible Whining Dog

At times I will clean peoples houses, watch their kids and sometimes even care for their pets.  This is not really a financial venture, seeing as the people can't really afford more than a token payment for thanks.  But, it is enough when I am already doing nothing for the day.  Not to mention, helping people always gives me a good feeling, for some strange reason.

Well this is the tale of Tiny, a small poodle that I am caring for until his owner is able to do so.

When I received the dog he was a brown color with tufts of gray.  After I had him a week I bought some dog shampoo and gave him a bath.  now he is nearly all white.

The incredible thing about this dog is not the fact that he whines.  It's not because that whine is so high pitched it hurts the ears.  Or, the fact that his bark is just as high, causing you to want to cringe and escape the sound.  It is the fact that he doesn't stop.  He can do it all day and all night.  It doesn't matter.  He never gets tired.  Actually I saw him laying down, resting, and still whinning.

Of course he only whines when I am not there.  The problem is that I do need sleep, work and other things.  I can't just sit with him 24/7.  So, for the time being, I get to spend my days with the incredible whining dog.

He is a sweetheart, lovable, soft (after the bath), doesn't effect my allergies and such.  I can be patient with him, it's not his fault he's spoiled...!  I also take him for car rides which he really enjoys.

1 comment:

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

You know, I'm not one to talk too much about washing the doggies, especially in the winter (I've only given Chase one bath in the past three months because it takes his fur so long to dry and he has to be outside most of the time), but I think if I had a small dog that's supposed to be white and he's not, I think I'd give him a bath.

Good luck with the whining. Luckily Chloe doesn't do it too much. Chase can, though.