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01 June 2010


So, now that I'm finally better, for the most part, I'm back to blogging. That whole throat infection thing is still going on. When I do or think things I shouldn't it seems to flare up, and also in the early morning. Otherwise it lies dormant. Sheesh.

But, now I up to snuff enough to get back to blogging. Fanime was so much fun. I spent the weekend hanging with my my sis, her fiance and our mutual friend Steve. I learned how to fight with a long sword, bastard sword, at least 4 different forms of dagger fighting and archery. Although I didn't get to actually practice the archery since they didn't have a permit or insurance for that. I also took a women's self defense class.

In the market place I bought some nice chopsticks. Steve bought me a fanime t-shirt and a cookbook for my bento box. I hope to have the time to start cooking myself some cool lunches soon.

On Sunday it was super hot. Steve and I had some free time so we went out in search of a 7/11 type place that would have a "big gulp" type drink. We walked all over the place. Asked at every gas station. Nothing. Other than the fast food joints, there wasn't a place around that even sold fountain drinks. They looked at us like we were crazy. "We have bottles. We have cans. What would you need fountain for?" It was strange. It could have also been the "kitty" ears on my head that caused them to look at us like we were crazy. hmmmm. We did stop at Johnny Rockets and got a couple milkshakes, Steve bought mine to thank me for walking with him.

I was able to watch the latest episodes of a show called "One Piece". It's an amazingly hilarious anime about a boy who wants to become the pirate king and he eats this special devils fruit that causes his body to stretch like crazy. It's so much fun.

The costumes were fabulous. I saw characters from many of my favorite anime. There were also quite a few nintendo characters and final fantasy characters. The skits were so much better this year than they have been in the past two years. I tried posting some but it is true that they are better in person than as youtube video's.

Fanime is a magical place of anime shows, costumes, fun panels, stores, local artists and so much more. I had planned on taking this year off, but Steve bought my ticket. I am so glad I went this year.

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