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02 June 2010

Pains, Sores and Epidemics

I thought this post would be about Fanime Con, but it looks like that will have to be next time's post. Over the weekend something serious happened, actually a couple of serious things. I'm not going to go over detail and personal.

First: I can blame the shoes. I can blame my foot condition. I can blame being on my feet all day 5 days a week and then for an entire weekend. I can blame the amazing weapons classes I took at the convention (you'll have to wait for the fanime post to learn more about that one.) Whatever the case may be, my foot got beyond sore to the point of limping and moving like a zombie. I became the living dead, unable to move faster than a snails pace as all my friends passed me up to go here there and everywhere. Well, everyone except Steve, who was gentleman enough to hang out at my slow pace. This led me to realize that the shoes I have been wearing for the past couple months have been ruining my feet. Sure there may have been other factors, but I choose to blame the shoes. I have now bought a new pair of shoes that, even with my repairing feet, are comfortable and cause me to no longer limp everywhere I go. The only down side is that to be so comfortable, they make my feet look HUGE. ARGH!!!! I can't win!!! But hey, it's better to take care of your feet than to worry about looks. right???

Second: I contracted some type of throat infection. I don't know when or how I got it. There was nothing I did to get me sick. No one I hung out with or had close contact with. I wasn't out in the cold, wet and late at night. But, for some strange reason, possibly divine, my throat began to hurt. It started as a sore throat that came and went. I thought nothing of it. Simply took the usual precautions to prevent getting sick. The next day, about halfway through the day I was so wiped out and exhausted and my throat hurt so bad that I took a 4 hour nap. The day after that my throat was on fire. I was only able to eat half of my breakfast burrito, and that was because I made myself. All I wanted to do was sleep. Drinking water was even a chore. When I got home I laid down. Then got talked into hanging out for a bit at a friends house, which was way fun. I got a massage that alleviated my migraine for about 10 minutes and I got to enjoy a really good movie. We hung out for a bit after and it wasn't until I couldn't bear the pain any longer that I realized I had to leave. At home, my mom looked at my throat and gasped saying I needed to see a doctor and I probably had tonsillitis or something worse. Even though I now have medical, it's crappy and super expensive so I'd rather not use it unless I absolutely have to. I figured I'd wait it out a couple days. I took knock out medacine and slept for 4 hours and took knock out med's again to sleep another 4 hours. Then yesterday I received a priesthood blessing of faith, healing and guidance; through a couple Elders in my church. At the time I was beyond tears. I have a high tolerance for pain and I was crying like a baby wanting to die if it could only stop the pain. There was a wall of white cotton all over my tonsils, and back of my throat. It was red, pussy and super gross. After the blessing, it was amazing that I could talk again. I went home, thanked the Lord, read from His book and went to sleep. Half way through today I made a miraculous recovery. Now all I have is a simple sore throat.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I know the Lord was telling me something with this and that it wasn't just an ordinary illness. I only hope that by now I have learned my lesson. I'd hate to see what new epidemic he'll come up with next.

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