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23 June 2010

World Record

I never thought I would ever beat a world record for anything. I know the paperwork is still going through but it looks like I may make it. I will have been a part of the 2,645 people gathered together at the pirates festival dressed like a pirate. If all the paperwork passes, we will have beaten both Oregon and the UK for the "Largest Gathering Of Pirates".

There were tv cameras, photographers and all kinds of stuff. A picture in the paper on Sunday morning, though I didn't make it in that one. Looks like only a few hundred or so were in the shot on the front page. There was singing and yelling and pretend drunkenness, sexy women holding up signs and a drawing for free prizes. The main prize, a trip for two on a boat with dinner, a scenery, and a private pirate band. Now that would have been beautiful and fun. They also gave away a medallion, a metal skull wall hang, a fuzzy tail and a bottle to carry your "rum" or any other drink.

Captain Jack Spareribs was there as well. He did a magic trick to stuff a beautiful lady in a basket. He then lit it on fire. Roasted marshmallows and jumped on the ashes. She, of course, appeared perfectly unharmed out of the basket.

The rest of the festival was enjoyable to walk around, look at things, play a game of "jenga" which is actually called Bandu. It is played with "LARGE" wood, which all the ladies prefer to the smaller wood of jenga. I am still the champion and I played with a few other people, though one drunken pirate was not a surprise that he lost.

There was an amazing metal dragon that I would have hung up in my room if I'd had the money. Although, if I'd had that kind of money I may have bought the sword instead. Or I would have bought this handmade pirate game or the dragon coasters or the dragon stand and letter opener, or the corset, or even the entire green and white outfit that was sooooo gorgeous. Okay, okay, I get the point. I don't enjoy window shopping and get very board, unless it's at a festival. I love talking to people about their wares, especially if they are the artist or creator of those wares and not simply selling something manufactured.

All in all, it was an eventful and memorable day. I even have a t-shirt on the way to say that I was a part of the guiness book of world record gathering of pirates for 2010. That comes after the paperwork is all done to prove it, in about 10 days.

1 comment:

Stacie said...

WOW that is pretty exciting! sounds like a fun time!