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11 August 2009

A Weekend and A Day

The YSA Conference was fun. Saturday was introducing the topics, listening to Steve Young (that was pretty cool) lunch, speed dating and workshops. Yea, I said speed dating. Never done anything like that and I found it quite pointless but interesting. I was told that part of the problem was the lack of structure and the fact that you talk for three min to each person and never see each other again. I actually didn't mind that part since the guys I talked to weren't all that interested in talking to me in the first place. I get that a lot, but it is still fun to have a captive audience for 3 min and they have to pay attention and ask questions and such. My favorite part is when one of the guys had rotated to me, he stood there and I just stared and smiled. I'm good with silence, most people aren't and find it awkward. He looked around and then back at me and then introduced himself. I made him take charge and he didn't like it, oh well. (maybe that's why I have troubles getting dates...etc...) The workshops were monotonous and boring in a drawling sort of way. Although I did learn about keeping commitments and free agency and such. I did have one workshop that was amazing. He was a professional magician and he did a few tricks during his talk/discussion. At first I thought it was just cheesy, simple tricks, but he did save the best for last. It was a card trick that illustrated that no matter what, the blessings God has promised are with us, always, even when we can't see them or when we don't know they are there. Dinner was amazing mexican, the diced chicken was the best (the salsa too spicy but there was a green sauce that was heaven. Then I selfishly went to the game hall and set up a tough puzzle. It felt good to know how many people stopped in to see me and help me with the puzzle, even grumbling but of their own free will. I did have a few regulars and we had it done right as the dance started. The dance room was crowded, like sardines and I wondered a bit, danced for two min with a few friends and was all too happy when Joan wanted to take off early. Freedom! We stayed with the Savage's, they were so nice and hospitable. Sister Savage even made a cinnamon roll, pull apart bread loaf. yum.

Sunday we had eggs, cinnamon rolls, milk and ran out the door. It was interesting to see them pass the sacrament to nearly 2,000 people. Sunday was, of course, more spiritual. Although I did enjoy sacrament meeting more than the relief society talks. One of the sisters did talk about wanting a new car and not buying it because it was over spending, unnecessary and overindulging. I do agree that America teaches us to be wasteful, gotta have it now, people. It's good to simplify your life and find joys in the small blessings, nature and even quiet bliss. Although I wonder if I might have had a more hand slapping moment if I had been in priesthood, until I heard that the speakers just hinted and beat around the bush but never came right out and said their topic straightforward. This left many of the priesthood puzzled. Lunch was potato bar....yum sour cream and bacon...oh and a salad. Someones feelings were hurt and when I left with that person, just to get away from the crowd not a pity thing, that person was cruel to my face. I was so sad, felt alone and just went off on my own. I grabbed my food and ate alone and as I was upset and down on myself I remembered what some of my friends have told me about how people will be the way they are and that I can't take all of the pains upon myself, that just throws me into depression. So I prayed and thought things through and let it go. I allowed myself to be mad at another person. After the fireside I even told that person so. I felt heartless and yet good at the same time. After talking with Joan and then Monica, I realized that it's all ok. The fireside was L. Tom Perry. I don't really remember the talk but I do remember leaving the crowded theater, through a hall and down some stairs to a little cuby where I could hear the whole talk. I laid down and stared at the ceiling and enjoyed the spirit. It felt wonderful.

Then to add to it I went to institute tonight. I do love hearing from Brother Celyia. He started with a question, "What is the relationship between the body and the spirit?"

I like deep and thought provoking questions. He then went on to talk about how the body is a house for the spirit, a temple and a protection. How the body and the spirit together make the soul. That the body symbolizes the Natural Man or an instrument of the Natural World and that the spirit symbolizes communication with God. Then how the body should be submissive to a governing spirit. And how the war between the desires of the body and the spirit is a good thing.

From this came the topics of proper sleep, word of wisdom, proper exercise and such. It was a nice lesson with some food for thought but not the only answer to the deep question that was originally brought forth. "What is the relationship between the body and the spirit?" The world may never know...(ha ha, ok, so I just had to through that little commercial bit in there.)

I did have some questions and hard things with...well I guess it wasn't with the lesson since the topic I was talking with the Lord had nothing to do with the lesson. Sometimes you can be reading a scripture, listening to a spiritual speaker, studying a topic with friends and then something completely different pops into your head. You end up talking with the Lord about something off topic and yet that can become one of the best and most memorable conversations.

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