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04 August 2009

Catching up and a story

Wow, there are many things I have thought about in the past while to post in this next blog. I have been insanely going about and doing things for everybody, cleaning, cooking, running around, picking up stuff etc...before I realized it time was passing. I have thought about my IHop experience, my experience at church the sunday before last, My recent experiences in reading the book of mormon, my workout goals and Monk. That is too much for one blog and I don't know if I have the energy or time for that many blogs so I will summarize most and then set up another blog for the spiritual part.

So from last to first...Monk starts on friday and I'm going to a YSA conference, I will have to record it and not watch it when it is first aired. oh well, as long as I get to see it, I'm not that big of a fanatic I just like the show.

I have gotten back into DDR. After two mornings in a row doing DDR my legs felt like they would fall off. I then decided to alternate. Wii fit and ddr. I did my strength exercise day the day before helping someone move. haha, my arms and shoulder were already overworked when I did the exercises. That means it has been a while since I've worked out, I shouldn't have been that sore. Well now I feel great, I just need a job so I can afford to go and get a massage but I always need one so that is really nothing different. Doing the alternating thing has really been a benefit and not as harsh on my system, although I still can feel how out of shape and such that I am. I don't mind being out of shape, I just want to be capable of doing things with out running out of breath and with out only watching tv all day. I want to alternate. sometimes zone out on movies and marathons and video games and sometimes go for long walks, hikes, swimming and who knows what else. I'm not all that big on dances but I love ddr in the privacy of my own home.

Ihop is just something I'm posting because someone I talked to was interested in the story so I figured I'd post the shortened version. Grandma, Kelley and I were going somewhere and decided to stop for breakfast first. We went to Ihop and yes we did go to the one by costco in vallejo so I guess it is our fault as well knowing they already have a bad reputation and also that most times when I go there something goes wrong. This time there were 3 waitresses, a hostess and a party of 22. We walked in the hostess yelled out to one waitress to see if she could take us and she yelled back that she couldn't. Then another waitress yelled that she could and we were seated. We were promptly ignored for nearly 10 min before Kelley went to hunt down a waitress to bring my grandma some decaff coffee. The hostess comes 5 min later hastily pouring a cup when I ask that it's decaff she glares at me and says it isn't and then walks off. another 10 min pass before we get the coffee. Then our order is taken. We are brought waters and then promptly ignored for the next 45 minutes. Then the waitress stops by and says it will be a bit longer and is gone before I could even ask for more water. Our food comes and mine is covered in the sweet syrup that I asked to not have because of my sugar problem. She takes it away. We finish our food and then ask about my pancakes which then come in 3min. We get the bill and grandma complains to the manager. He tells her his sob story about why things are the way they are and about the economy and everything and doesn't even give her a senior discount let alone the cup of coffee free to smooth it over. He demands full price. Suffice to say, we will not be going there again.


Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

What an idiot manager. When the economy's good, they say they can't hire better people for customer service. Now it's bad and they still can't give good customer service. They should be doing all they could to get your business so you come more often.

Dragon_Fire said...

I am sooooo aggravated! I was only one arrow away from completing a section in DDR awful. so close and still failed. Oh well there's always next week...=)