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27 August 2009

No institute?

I have enjoyed going to institute the past few weeks and last week I wasn't going to have my usual ride. I thought, "that's ok, I have lots of work and studying to do. I can stay home and do that instead." Well that thought didn't last long before I felt a strong pull inside myself and a yearning in my spirit. I wanted to go back to institute. This semester we are starting a study of the Book of Mormon. So I called for a ride, not too hard to do, Jason Valentine was more than willing to pick me up. We were in the van, goofing off and figuring out what type of bread we were. Kirsty then came up with an interesting question. "What is the difference between muffins and cake. You're not supposed to have cake for breakfast but are muffins any better?" This was a long conversation in which Jason came up with another question, "What is the difference between Lumpia and Eggrolls?" As we pulled into the parking lot it had been decided that the only way to know would be to run a series of tests, i.e. cooking a lot and tasting. Entering the building I began to get excited, until I noticed that the teacher was nowhere to be found. This confused me but I went with it. As with the beginning of any semester, we all had to introduce ourselves and then say one interesting thing. Being the oddball that I am I told everyone that I love to write stories. That led to the question of "short stories?" to which I had to reply "no, novels and novelettes." Sometimes I wish I could keep my big mouth shut, what a nerd. Actually I have tried short stories and find myself inept, I haven't gotten down that style of writing yet. After the introductions pieces of paper were passed around for everyone to fill out and enroll for the class. Then the new book of mormon manuals were passed out, they are four times at least, the size of the old one. To my surprise a small spiritual thought was given, the book of mormon challenge announced and the closing prayer said. I sat there for a couple minutes, while everyone else was chatting and eating fudge. 'what happened?' I wondered. Even now, looking back, I feel the disappointment and a small empty feeling in my chest. "This too will pass..." A small group of us did go to Kyle's house and watch an episode of "the office" and eat spaghetti, that was delicious. Well, as far as institute goes...there's always next week.


Stacie said...

why was there no class really? just a spiritual thought? interesting. My institute starts tonight! cool that you are going to yours :) hope next week is better

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

It's good that you at least had that pull to go. Maybe you just needed to get out and hang out with some more Mormons. Haha! How's Institute going now? Only one more week and your 'usual ride' will be there for you!