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04 July 2009

But, Still A Blog

Ok, I'm super tired but I already missed yesterday and I do not want to fall behind. I am trying to do a blog a day. The sad thing is that time wise this could cause problems. The good thing is that I will never run out of ideas. I already have 15 blog titles/possibilities that just need to be typed up. Ideas come a little too easy, it's taking the time to write once every day that is the problem.

That said, this blog is actually a cop out, since I am exhausted. Tomorrow I will post about the wonders of my Fourth of July and the sights and Harley's and people I encountered.

Other blogs coming soon to the "Dragon's Cave" include titles such as:

> Medical Advances never cease to amaze me
> Imagine you're sexy
> You're just too nice
> The Joys and Adventures of Walking
> Guy's don't like Needy Girls
> Depression vs a Broken Heart
> The sponge that only takes
> Pebble Beach (another photo set of a fun trip with kelley and tina)

Some restrictions may vary and titles could be subject to change or removal.

1 comment:

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

IMAGINE I'm sexy? Don't need to imagine what I already know! Haha!!!