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17 July 2009

Exhaustion, will I ever learn

This past couple weeks has been a time of exhaustion. I have cleaned house, trashed stuff and did whatever I could to help my Grandma's stay be an enjoyable one. I love her dearly but have been worn to the bone now. The killer was last weekend when I painted my grandpa's room by myself (I did have help from one of my greatest friends, Kelley, who stupidly came and helped even though she was recently out of surgery. She did a fantastic job painting the trim and the ceiling.) Then we went to visit my sister in crescent city and last night came back in. I unpacked and put away my stuff and my Grandma's, made sure she had her med's and such. Then I receive a phone call that some of my friends were meeting at Stephen Hare's house to swim. I was hot, tired and worn out. A good swim was just what I needed.

Yes, I went. At 10:45 at night I went over to a swim party expecting it to be relaxing. It was a little bit but not near as much as swimming alone in the pool. It was cold enough that everyone ended up in the hot tub. The problem was that every time I left for the solitary of the pool there was always someone who followed with the same idea. There goes relaxing.

Got home at 2:30am and checked facebook real quick. I haven't been online since last Thursday, other than to post a pic here or there, but I didn't really check much else or comment on much else, until last night and now today. I can still feel the exhaustion, and there's a dance that everyone wants me to go to. I don't know if I can make it (unless I drink some mountain dew lol, but then I'll be in the same boat tomorrow, just in time to leave to LA with my grandparent's and my parents for their vacation.)

The other think I've been thinking about is how much I need to get my writing done and how much time facebook and blogging take. I may decide to limit my blog to once a week or something like that. There is a quote that I heard from a writer at a convention that said something like, "If you wish to make writing a career then you do not write for free unless it is for experience on a resume."

I do wish to do more with my writing and the plans I had for my blog were more than just "this is what I did today" type stuff. Not anymore. I will write my blog just not every day. (not to mention, I will be with out access to a computer for 5 days when we leave for LA.....)

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