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04 July 2009

Sandra Bullock: only for those who care

(Technically this is yesterdays post, but certain events prevented me from being available to post from my this post is not about that =P...)

Before I get into the meat of this post or should I say, the debate, I would like to put a small plug for the movie "The Proposal" I believe that the character chemistry was amazing, the acting well done and the storyline well written. A good romantic comedy to lighten up any day.

That said I feel that this would be where you either stop reading or continue just out of curiosity. If you complain for having wasted the 5 minutes it takes to read this than it is your own fault. As a heads up I have made a small disclamer:

> If you do not like Sandra Bullock you will not want to read any further.

> If you do not like Romantic Comedies, you will not want to read any further.

> If you did not like either the movie "The Lake House" or "Premonition", you will not want to read any further.

> If you have not seen either movie, you will not want to read any further as this post will include spoilers.

> If you liked the ending of either movie, you will not want to read further.

> If you could care less about either movie than reading further will be excruciating torture to your body and soul.

> If you enjoyed both movies but found a slight mishap with the ending of both movies than you are probably "Tina" and would then read further. If you are in fact "Tina" and do read further you will still find this to be a waste of your time as we have already discussed and agreed upon the response.

The debate is simple. In the movie "Premonition" the guy dies. In the movie "The Lake House" the guy lives. The way these stories are written, this seems backwards. If you pay close attention to the storylines you will find that this is true. If you actually read this far and care about the subject but don't agree you are welcome to debate. Otherwise the decision stands that both are fantastic movies but the endings just happened to be mixed up.

1 comment:

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

You're writing about a romantic comedy? Is this really Amy? What did you do with her?