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06 July 2009

My Fourth of July (finally!!!)

It all started with being invited to be in the American Canyon 4th of July Parade. I have volunteered with the ACTS program that sends packages to troops overseas and my brother is in the service. He would have been invited too but he is in Virginia for training.

Getting up early (8am after staying up till 6am) I headed out. I am not very good with new people or with crowds, although it wasn't really crowded or anything. Everyone was with their vehicles. I stood by the one I would be riding with, admiring the Harley Davidson motorcycles that would be riding directly behind us. Oh, I love the bikes and these were nice ones. A number of them had decorations, flags, sparklies and such. A few of the guys had American flag hats or bandanna's. One had an Uncle Sam type American flag hat. One of them also had a Harley teddy bear on the back of his bike.

After a time I decided to get in the back of the truck (I can't remember what type of refurbished military vehicle I was in =( I sat there alone for a bit, watching everyone else socialize and get things ready for the parade. I finally decided to get off my little corner and get out there. I did and I met Shorty, Hal, Denise, Al and Dave. One girl and the rest guys. One thing I have noticed is that a Harley makes unattractive guys attractive and attractive guys downright sizzling. They did almost get kicked out of the parade because one of the guys in the back thought it would be a great idea to break formation and drive back and in a circle before coming back. I'm so glad that they weren't kicked out.

As we were getting ready to head out this cute guy walking by looks and me and smiles, "Hey, you're cute." He headed towards me when the truck started moving and he had to get out of the way. I just smiled and gave a small wave. He shook his head and smiled back. That has never happened to me before (except by guys 60yrs or older) and it was a big compliment and boost to my day. I was walking on clouds all day.

I have also decided that the way Denise goes camping/hiking is not a bad way to go. She stays at Hotels and then goes hiking around in different places. I like camping but it doesn't have to be in a tent to be fun.

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