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07 July 2009

The Joys and Adventures of Walking

Since being without a car I have done a lot more walking. I used to walk everywhere until that fateful day when I acquired a license to drive. That was when I realized how much I enjoyed driving. I would speed like crazy, over 100 everywhere I went, except on residential roads. To this day I can't figure out how it took 10 months before my first speeding ticket.

Now that my car has been gone I have decided to get back in shape. I do DDR sometimes but walking is a way to get out of the house and feel the wind in my hair (although that gives me the afro look that I dislike.

I have found that walking to:
Jeremy's house is 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Stephen Hare's house from Jeremy's is 30 minutes.
Washington Mutual from my house is 4 hours round trip.
Walgreen's is 45 minutes.
Napa Valley College is 4 hours one way.
Raleys is 30 minutes.
Baskin Robbins is 15 minutes.
JJ's, the Asian Store, is 5 minutes.
Safeway and Starbucks are 20 minutes round trip.
Tina's is 40 minutes.
Kelley's is 2 minutes.
Walmart is 40 minutes.

I have yet to try:
The Library
Target/Sally's Beauty Shop/Costco/The Social Security Office
Taco Bell
Maritime Academy

It's been fun and interesting. I am getting better, the first walk I did I was already worn out after 30 minutes and don't know how I made the full 2 hour trip. It was hard and that was how I found out that I was really out of shape.

On these walks I meet interesting people. Some say hi, some wave, some will even chat a little and then there are those that ignore me completely. I enjoy some of the sites and it is nice to be alone with my thoughts for a change. I can really work through some problems with my stories and my life. That is also where I came up with so many different blog ideas. Ideas are not my problem. Buckling down and writing or mostly editing and polishing my work is the problem. I also have trouble with marketing.

Although, sometimes it is a curse to be alone with my thoughts for so long. I have made some decisions that I probably shouldn't have made. I have also let go of a lot of things. The good thing is that I no longer allow myself to be driven with the wind / go with the flow. The downside is that I may lose some friends and the approval of some people that I admire. That is a hard thing for me to accept. Hopefully I can begin to move forward instead of staying stagnant.


Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

Hmm, I wonder who's approval you'll lose?

Anyway, yeah, you haven't tried Fairfield yet! You still need to check out my place. Still, if NVC is four hours, I imagine Fairfield will be entirely too long to walk to. Maybe someone can give you a bike. But I'll come pick you up one of these days. We need a day hanging out. Maybe some Saturday after camp.

Dragon_Fire said...

do you go to a family ward or a singles ward. Not that it really matters because I'd love to see your new ward and such. It would be a good change of pace.