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02 July 2009

Closed up Throat

The strangest thing happened to me today. I did my normal morning routine and what not. I put my muffin in the toaster, so that I would have toast for my breakfast. I then pulled it out at the perfect time. It was lightly toasted but still soft in the center. Then I buttered it, I love butter.

That was when I thought it would be fine if I had, just a little, bit of dad's homemade strawberry jam on one piece of toast. It was just a very thin, light layer, most would say there wasn't really jam on it. I took a bite and that was when it happened.

My throat closed up. No, it wasn't choking, I didn't breath in the toast and choke on it. I had chewed and swallowed just fine and then my throat just closed. I was able to cough twice before I was simply gasping and then, no air at all.

Nobody was around, my bro Steven, was in the other room and heard me cough but didn't think anything of it.

Instead of panicking (I never really panic until after the fact, isn't that odd) I grabbed a glass and from the closest sink I put just enough water to get a gulp.

That did the trick. Like magic, my throat opened and I could breath. Unlike when a person chokes, there was no pain or sore spot in the throat. I was back to normal. It was the oddest thing and after the fact, I was pretty scared of what could have happened.

I wonder what it was. An allergic reaction? Asthma? Fluke? Breathing in the jam but not the toast? Sugar? or something else in the jam?

I may never know. I tested it out, I know stupid me you'd think I'd learn but, I took another bite of the toast with jam and didn't have any problems. I did have a drink of water before taking a bite. Maybe the water counteracts what ever happened? Who knows, lets just say I'm not only happy to be alive but happy to breath.


jolly said...

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Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

That's scary! Make sure you're careful. I really wish you had medical insurance, because it would of course be very good to find out what happened.

Stacie said...

maybe you can google it and get some answers