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22 July 2009

Of Bee's and Tissues

Thing's I learned over the past 5 days:

First - Bees like to collect water from swimming pools, at least LA bees do. They don't like going for the water puddles splashed over the side. Instead they go right into the middle and hover as close as they can. Maybe it's for the adventure or for the life and death experience. Whatever the reason, some of the bees do not make it out alive. Their wings get wet and then they are stuck in the water. I went to the hotel pool to swim, there was a bee struggling in the water. I used my sandal and the bee clung to the end, then carried the insect to the flowers out of the way of any running feet or children that may happen to come by. There was also a seemingly dead one that I scooped into the flowers as well. I must have saved 3 bees and possibly 5, if the others lived. No good deed goes unpunished. I went to swim during the heat of the day and a hornet flew by, dive bombing me. I was in the center of the pool and ducked underwater as fast as possible. The hornet would come, collect water and then leave but if it saw me it would zoom down as if it was trying to attack. Lucky for me I made it out unscathed but my peaceful relaxing alone time swim was ruined.

Second - My grandfather was a very frugal man. He could make anything last longer than it should while still being in good working order. He cared about recycling and reusing things. Then he had a stroke and now has a form of dementia. I recently learned from my father that when grandpa first came to live with us, he would reuse tissues. Yes, that's right, using the same tissue over and over again. After using a tissue he would lay it out to dry and then use it again when he needed to blow his nose. This is very unsanitary and at first my father would just throw away the tissue but has since taught my grandfather to simply toss the tissue away when done with it. I found this pretty funny, especially since he doesn't do it anymore.

The other minor things I learned were: I can survive without internet, I need to get my typing done, I guess some romance books aren't all that bad, It's ok to not have seen the movie that everyone else has already seen, Nobody likes it as cold as I do so I have to learn how to adapt, Sometimes a dream is better left forgotten, The blue mountain dew is the best flavor but does not stop a migraine as good as the original flavor, hand sanitizer is a must to prevent allergies, Crowd phobia is not good when being packed in the center of two others in a back seat, Sometimes it's ok to be a little vain when nobody knows and I need some alone time for a bit or just one or two others but no big group things, not right now.

It was a wonderful trip to LA. Got to see a number of places where my parents grew up and where my grandparent's spent much of their lives. I got to hear some great stories and take a few good pictures. The heat was unbearable, I am so glad I do not live there. The hotel was nice and offered a decent complimentary breakfast in the mornings and it was good to have a pool to swim in whenever I wanted. I did miss having my own computer and realized how much I need to focus on typing all my ideas and writings. I met some old friends of my grandfather's and even went to a fun bbq. I saw the coolest dragon timer for games, but someone bought it before I did and it was gone. I enjoyed hearing my grandpa's stories and telling me about the places he'd been too. No one else really understood him and so I either just talked with him or translated when he was trying to talk to others. I had a great time and I know he did too. We also bought a pineapple watermelon, it's really tasty. I never knew you could combine the two.

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Stacie said...

OH YUM YUM I want to try a pineapple watermelon!