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14 June 2009

22 Things I knew, learned and experianced

1. Running errands with Kelley and helping her mom out who just got out of surgery for her wrist and arm. She is in a lot of pain but will hopefully be better off because of it. Team work and companionship, it was nice to be together.

2. Sodoku is the devil incarnate. Life was good and we were all hanging out, tina, kelley and I, and then I saw a game that I was invited to. I got on and it was horrible. I couldn't find anything and I refused help and ruined the fun of hanging out. That is why I prefer to avoid applications.

3. All dressed up and no place to go. Since I ruined our evening, or at least put a sad close to what would have already been the end of the evening. Tina and I were in the car. Tina really wanted to go out and have fun. I wanted to as well but was exhausted from not having much sleep for the week. We texted and called people but no one was available. So of course we went to Tina's house played skippo and watched Psych. Fun but not going to the club like Tina had been hoping. I'll try to be more prepared for the next weekend, it's just been a while since we've been in a "let's go do something fun mood".

4. Oh what a beautiful morning. Well maybe not quite beautiful, it was more overcast and ordinary. We were preparing to leave for a fun bbq and party but then got called to clean house. There were supposed to be some family/friends coming to visit Tina's parents. Mopping, vacuuming and other such. (Tina was working and I was attempting to watch Psych with the sounds of vacuum in the background. She was soooo inconsiderate while I was lazily waiting for Tina to finish.) I would like to say that I did shake out the carpets in the backyard. Then buying plastic for the tablecloth and going to Sally's Beauty Shop for the first time.

5. Money, money, everywhere...but not in my pocket. So I saw the amazing wax kit that Tina has (slightly smaller kit) that was an amazing price. If I had the money it would have been worth it. I'll say that once you wax you never want to shave's just not worth it.

6. Out on the road. Gathering the address, maps, gps and getting to Amy's house (Tina's sister). We gather Marianne, Xaden and the van. The cool thing about the van is the hidy hole in the middle. A place to keep belongings (or dead bodies...dum dum dum....) It made the ride more enjoyable to have leg room and imaginative thoughts of what to do with a hidy hole in the center of a van.

7. On the road again. First we stop to pick up Ben, then we can all be ready to leave....except, there was a pit stop. Safeway! Buy some sandwiches and drinks. ummm.....drinks? How frustrating it is to find that every single cooler in the store is out of water. The clerks and such said that they haven't restocked yet. Then we try to find Funyan's. What store decides to no longer sell funyans. Oh, wait! There was a large bag of flaming hot funyans. No can do, but wait again. A value bag that contains funyans and fire hot cheetos. Sigh, can't win 'em all.

8. Asian or white. So according to Ben's hypothosis there is something about Asian's and Funyuns and Toyota's. He also thinks there is something about white's and boats, and RV's. My guess on the funyuns is that they are similar to and have a similar consistancy to some other foods that asians eat all the time. That is just my guess, as to the boats, I got nothing. So the question is...I love Funyuns and Toyota is my fav car of choice. I also love all phillipino foods I've tried, which is unusual for a white person. So what am I?

9. And so we arrive. I was worried about being an outcast. I'm not one of the Demesa girls and so only knew the twins through Tina. I did hang out with them but it was a long time ago. I entered a little self conscious. I smiled and hung back. After a few hours I realized that it was the same. We are friends and still friends. I'm so glad I got to see David and Daniel again.

10. A fish out of water. I have been going insane. All this year I have been wanting to swim since march when we had that first heat wave. I guess that's not all this year but whatever. That was the same time I decided it would be a good idea to cut half my hair off. Yes, I did do it myself and yes, it did look horrible. I think that the hairdo is a bit better now. So, as most people know, I don't do well with heat. Cutting off my hair is a drastic measure when I start to go crazy with delirium and heat. Because of the heat I have been yearning for a dip in the pool, lucky for me there happened to be a pool at the party. The sad thing would be that the one day I have access to a pool is the same day the sun decides to not be as hot and the same day that I am visiting friends I haven't seen in years. But a pool.......

11. A bruise, a crack, a break....breaking down. I couldn't take it anymore, staring at the clear crisp water and finally Tina was up for it. We just had to get in. We changed and jumped in full force. Ice water brushed over us like a frozen wave. We swam, shivered, chatted, twirled, relaxed and flipped our way to euphoric peace. Ah the joys of the water.

12. Then came the kids. Alex, this cute little 7 year old blond joined our party. She was fun and loved to swim as well. Xaden joined as well. Tina held Xaden and I spent time with Alex. We all had fun playing, splashing and laughing. Alex clung like a shivery little cat. She would not let me go. I told her that we needed to get out of the water, it's pretty cold. She told me that it wasn't cold hugging me. I must be pretty warm blooded.

13. Leaving the drenched paradise, Alex continued to cling to me. I carried her to a chair, sat down and had someone bring me a towel. She warmed up pretty quick as we cuddled. Then I tried to get up and change out of my wet suit but Alex continued to follow me and would not let me do anything. Instead we ended up playing catch with a tiny blow up ball she called her beach ball. We played a while until I was released to change back into my jeans and t-shirt.

14. While sitting around and chatting I relearned something I knew when Xaden was born. His name is Xaden Ray. put it together and it's X-Ray. How cute.

15. I started to get a migraine, what do I do? I didn't want to ruin the evening and leave. I didn't want to sleep and miss hang out time. So, I did the next best thing, I drank a Pepsi. I know, I don't really like it but it did the trick. It kept my migraine at bay for the entire evening and it didn't hit until we crashed at Tina's. How blessed was that?

16. We finally meet. I met David's boyfriend, Cory and Danial's boyfriend, Maurice. They are fun, good looking, guys.

17. Mooch. A fun dice game where you try to get to 10,000 points, mooch off of other's points and win the money. You try to get 3 of a kind for that many hundred points, example 3 two's would be 200 points. Ones are worth one hundred and fives are worth fifty. You roll and save and roll remaining dice as long as each roll adds to your points. You can stop any time to keep the points or keep going. If you keep going and a roll does not give you any points, then you lose it all. It is so fun to play with a large group of people.

18. Kung Fu distraction. While playing Mooch, Kung Fu Panda and the cartoon furious five played. One of my favorite movies and the cartoon was one I had never seen before. It was a distraction but fun to enjoy at the same time.

19. Marcus! After fun and games the night was still young. We wanted some one on one time without the huge group of family, friends and acquaintances and whoever. A nice small group of friends just kicking it at a nice apartment. Oh and did I mention guitar hero and domino's? Yea, it was great.

20. One thing I've known but still constantly surprises me is that I can be in a room filled with the smoke of 420 but if I am in a large space with only one cigarette my lungs close up. strange is that.

21. Body Art: Cory, David's boyfriend, has a tattoo all along both arms and his chest and stomach. It's not some shoddy, half done tattoo's. No. This is a work of art. It looks like a masterpiece painting rolled out. He has a phoenix on his stomach with the feathers up and around. Amazing. I felt jealous.

22. Driving. So I enjoyed being the driver for the trip back. I loved the peace of the early morning night, the empty road and the exhausted unconscious people in the car. The only part was not becoming a unconscious person myself. Well I was awake and we got home alive and safe. What an awesome weekend. So awesome Tina and I didn't get up till close to 11am, now that is insane.

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