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30 June 2009

The Truth

If Christianity is true, then the Mormon religion is true. This I have always known. I feel the truthfulness of the gospel every day. I went on a mission for this Truth and did what I could to help better other people lives. I did service, teaching and simply being a friend. I pray for the people I have met along the way and keep them in my heart. I wish for every person on this earth to find joy and happiness. It breaks my heart to see so much sadness, destruction and depression. Good people, who live good lives suffer. I know it has always been this way, even when you read the scriptures you see so many people who have had to suffer while following God.

This is life, this is mortality. But, sometimes I wonder. There are so many rules on what is right and what is wrong. Life is laid out in a little black and white grid, but what if it is not all black and white? Some things in life it makes me wonder if it is really wrong or if some things labeled wrong just serve the purpose of making a person feel worthless, hopeless and down on themselves.

There is a true feeling to the Buddhist religion and to the Islam religion. They have good teachings as well. Christ taught many wonderful things. He was a very enlightened being and we want to be like him. We want to grow closer to our Father in Heaven. I know there is a loving God and that He created all things, but what if it is not through Christianity.

I have suffered from serious off and on depression....the question I have is why am I feeling better now? I stopped going to church a couple months ago and I haven't felt guilty or wrong. It's strange but the depression hits me less and less. I'm still following the teachings that I believe's's time to move forward in life. I finally feel like I can give this world a chance. If it doesn't work out I can get some job out in the middle of nowhere and live like a hermit and become a writer....that actually doesn't sound so bad. But, even so, I will give my best effort, we'll see how long I last.