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10 June 2009

I believe I can...draw

It's amazing! I can't believe I never had this revelation before. Not only can I write, but I can draw. Now hold on a's not prize winning pieces or anything, at least not yet. I also can not draw realistically, but that is ok because I have a unique style. So I practiced in my art 1 class and strove for an A. All I got out of all that hard work was a pat on the head and a B. Or is that all??????

Of course not, I gained confidence. I gained a new view on the world. I look at things and envision their beauty in many ways besides just the outward appearance or just the appearance we have been raised to admire. I'm talking about an inner beauty and story to every thing living and non, animate and inanimate.

Then I took it a step further. I have this bag I bought from fanime con. It's the most amazing bag ever. On the bag is a picture of "Black Cat" from the anime series. I have been admiring the picture and wanting to give it a try. Well just a few days ago I broke down and gave it a shot. It took me an hour and a half but I did it and I did a pretty good job. The next day I sketched Jimmy Kudo's head from "Case Closed" (another anime series). That only took me 20 min or less and also turned out really well.

I would like to say that it was the confidence of the art class and my new found self that brought me to this point. Maybe that is part of it, but, it was the dream. What dream? you may ask. There is no dream like this in your dream blog. No, no there is not. This wasn't a full on dream that could easily be recorded in a story of insanity and confusion. No, this was just an image.

I had a dream, one that I failed to record and soon forgot. At the end of the dream was Jad's face. He was looking up, he was in anime form. There were sparkles in his eyes and a glow about his face. The hair was to die for gorgeous. The face turned profile and gazed up at the sky. Where the diamond on his forehead was a horn shimmered and began to be apparent. Then the image changed to (Toby? I haven't gotten the name yet for Jad's eldest son who inherits his powers when he's dead.) That's all I remember.

I wonder if this particular story would be better told as a manga? I don't know but it will certainly inspire me to start writing again, at least I hope so. I would love to get back into my story writing and maybe actually publish something this time. We shall see, I keep talking big but never follow through. Only time will tell.

No matter what I will try to stop getting down on myself. I will do my best to gain confidence and self esteem. I wish to be the happy, beautiful and amazing person I have created in my story. To be "Marie" or "Blade Dragon", even though the story itself is not real. ...!!!!

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