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15 June 2009

Guess who randomly showed up in town...

Yay! Games! Fun! Adventure!

Nick, Stephen Hare and JEREMY came over unexpectedly. Tina and I were watching Psych, I was blogging about the weekend and they just show up. It was the greatest surprise ever! We played Munchkin. Watched True Blood. Watched some random comedy stuff and then watched Benjamin Button. All in all it was a fun Sunday evening.

FHE was lame but I got to say hey to them all there too. I also got to see Emily and we chatted and had a good time as well.

Life is good with friends like these. It's also good to get a chance to see people you haven't seen in forever.

People like Kirsten, who stopped by to pick up her doggie I had been watching for the weekend. Actually my mom did more of the dog sitting since I have such a crazy life style...=P It was so great to see her and chat for a bit, we plan to hang out some time soon and play a boardgame, puzzle, card game or watch a movie marathon or something. She is the best!!!!!!!


Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

"Oh, and Kirsten came by. It was great to see her too!" Sheesh, couldn't you have put that in there somewhere? I know, I know, when Jeremy's involved, I can get forgotten. As Eeyore would say, "thanks for [not] noticing" :)

Dragon_Fire said...

How could I do that too you. That's so horrible, I love you....I can't believe I didn't put it in my blog but if you reread there is an added part on the end.....=(