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17 June 2009

Anything.....for a strawberry. (And I mean it.)

They say, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it." True. I was wishing for something last wednesday; I guess I wished really hard.

I was out shopping with my dad. I saw organic strawberries for buy one get one free. That made them 2 small packages for less than five dollars. I was so excited, but did not have any money. Dad did not want to buy them, he said they were overpriced and not worth it. I was so sad and would have done anything for a strawberry. I was even going to post that on facebook to see who would offer me strawberries and the price they would ask.

That was until I was called in to a job last minute. I was picked up for work thursday morning and was prepared to stare at a computer entering data all day. This is a job working for Mike Young, a dentist, who offered to pick me up and drive me to his house so I could work and make money. I like that idea. I get to his house and start on the work. After 2 hours of straight data entry I walk around to take a break.

I was so stiff, I took five or six laps around the inside of the house. (it is a huge five million dollar house, so when I say small laps, I mean small laps with out having to go outside.) After the laps I sit down and do some stretches. Then I sat cross legged and meditated to clear my mind for just a few min.

Before going back to work I decided to peek in the fridge. I know, I know, I'm so bad. But that is the price people pay when they have me work for them. I am a notorious food thief, that will never change. I love trying new food and seeing what people have in their cupboards. Even if there is nothing I want to eat, I always take stock of what is in the cupboards and such so that I would know what is available.

Anyways, I looked in the fridge and lo and behold, there was a batch of strawberries. I was saved. I savored the strawberries only allowing myself to eat one strawberry per break. It was heaven.

The next day I get a strawberry from a friends house. The day after that I come home to heaven. My parents fridge is filled with strawberries, and some home made strawberry jam. Of course jam is too much sugar for me but I still have been eating a little bit to enjoy.

So for the past seven days straight I have had almost a full basket of strawberries a day. I don't regret my wish, the problem is that now the strawberries are gone. I think I'm going to wish harder and see if it won't come true again. I think who ever came up with that saying was bitter from not getting what THEY wished for. Ha Ha.


Stacie said...

lol that is so cool
i love strawberries
i would not peek and eat what is in other people's cupboards and fridges though!
Cool that you worked in such an expensive house. Are you just doing random jobs for now?

Dragon_Fire said...

yea, random jobs for now. People know that I eat their food but for some reason they keep wanting me back to work off and on.

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

I'm one of those strange ones that doesn't like strawberries. I actually wish I did, since everybody says I'm weird. I like strawberry flavor, but there's something I just don't like about it. Well Amy, be expecting a present from me next time I see you!