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29 June 2009

Weekend at Melanie's

No pictures to show for it but the weekend was fabulous.

First we left about 6:30 and got in to Mel's about 1am. The drive was interesting, we chatted for quite a bit then Tina fell asleep and my bro Steven read from a Steven Colbert book which was pretty funny.

At Melanie's we chatted with her and Paul for a bit, caught up and enjoyed each others company. Melanie had to work that morning so we let her go and decided to get some sleep. Paul made bacon and pancakes for breakfast....delish!

We visited Melanie at work and then went to the beach. Oh how fun to run in the water and feel the sun. The salt was getting to my skin while at the same time it was helping Tina's skin. (such the opposites) So we met Mel at her house and then went to the river. Now that's my place to be, swimming in melted snow run off during 80 degree weather. The Smith river is one of, if not, THE cleanest river in the U.S. No matter where you are you can see the bottom of the water while swimming.

After that relaxing day we showered and had a BBQ, yum! Being nerds we spent the rest of the evening watching anime and hanging out on 4 diff laptops on the internet. Sunday we did the same only we had 5 sets of internet up. It's such a blast though to hang out and just be ourselves.

Sunday brunch I was stupid, I thought 'Oh! Crepes are on special, I would love to have some.' only they didn't come with anything, it was just the crepes. Of course they are tasty but they are also jam packed with sugar which is a big no no for me. I ate two and realized it was not such a good idea. My group finished the other two off and I in turn finished off some of the left over salmon omelet, bacon and hash browns. Dinner was Chinese, very good. The best was watching the movie "Hangover", it was hilarious. That ended at 9pm, so it was time to bid good bye and head out on the road, myself being the driver which is the way I like it.

I, of course, had to get a X-large Mountain Dew from Taco Bell and then I was good to go. There was some tension at the begining of the trip, I was such a Jerk I don't know what came over me. Some times I can be such a _____. I know it wasn't all my fault, my bro has his pride streak that really rubs me the wrong way sometimes and he does not let things go. He even had the gall to offer to drive since I had to stop the car to collect my emotions so that I would be safer on the road. It wouldn't have been such a big deal but he is on a Restricted License due to his own driving issues, meaning he was not legal to drive. When I told him no he asked "What do you think I'm going to kill us?" To which he left the car and said he was going to camp out. Tina and I talked a bit, I wasn't upset with her I tried to be but when it comes to Tina I just melt and the upset feelings go away. This happens every time, even when I want to be upset or at least try to want to kill her or something. It just never works out that way.

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful and relaxing. I enjoyed music while my passengers either slept or listened to their headphones. It was nice, there were hardly any other cars on the road and I wasn't a bit sleepy, that's probably why I can't sleep now. I'm hoping that blogging will help tire me out and let me get a couple hours sleep before the sun comes up to wake me for the day.

I love visiting Melanie, the hardest part is leaving. I would love to live along the coast in Northern California or parts of Oregon...nice weather and small towns, I love small towns. The only problem is getting a job, because they like to hire people who know people and who have been living there a while. The other problem is if I moved up there I would become a hermit, I would publish my books and enjoy a life of solitude and peace. Not that that is a bad thing, it's just when I pray about it, it doesn't feel like the right thing, at least not right now. I should still try to publish my books, just to see what happens, maybe.

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Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

That sounds like fun. I really need to go up there and visit Melanie. Let me know next time you plan on going. I should be settled into the house and have the condo rented out, so should have time. As it was, it was so hot I hardly did anything!