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25 June 2009

Castle in Napa (part 1)

A couple weeks ago Kelley, Tina and I took a drive up to Napa to visit the "Castello di Amorosa" It was so amazing!

As my cousin put it..."The Three Amigos are back" That's exactly how it feels. All three of us are together again and it's great fun.

We finally got the self portrait down; looks really good.

Each of these stones for the castle was imported from Italy.

Yes! Dragons! I can almost reach.

Enter The Castle. The floor of the bridge I'm standing looks like it's hand cut wood.

This is a really nice one. I love the way the metal was carved out.

I would have loved to hear the bells!

It's pretty amazing how the stones were all put together. So much character.

All in all it was gorgeous to look at. It was well built and quite an experience.


Stacie said...

wow that is really really cool. i had no idea there was a castle in Napa!

Kirsten (aka the Disneycoug) said...

Hey, just remember me, the fourth Musketter, d'Artagnan. I'd love to come hang out with you. That would have been so cool.