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29 June 2009

work or school?

Sacramento? Really? No, not really. I am here for today and enjoying the pool and Kelley's airconditioned apartment. The weather is too hot but the water is marvelous.

The rent here is super cheap and the pool is like a resort. Sac state is just a few minutes away. There is also Davis and a few other schools I am looking at. The question is should I get a decent job and start trying to get my life in order and such or should I get school loans and go on to my bachelors.....I am leaning towards school but still haven't decided.

I plan to apply for the loans, schools and grants and see what happens. I may go for work or I may go for school, we shall see.


Stacie said...

oh you are living in sacramento now? cool

Dragon_Fire said...

heaven forbid, no. I was just visiting a friend. I'll apply to sac state just like all the other colleges I'm going to apply for, but I would rather not live in sac, not if I can help it.